July 13, 2024


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Tips for choosing the right bra with the custom bra manufacturers

Almost 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. There are several reasons for this: either they do not know their size, or they cannot find it in the store, or they are ashamed of not meeting the “norm”. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips for finding the perfect bra.

According to studies, 99% of women have uneven breasts. So it’s no surprise that finding the perfect bra can be difficult at times. The “perfect bra” must provide enough support to the breasts and highlight the curves in an optimal way. We’ve put together a list with five points that will help you find the perfect bra.

You will only be able to find the right size by taking your measurements. Two measures are decisive for an optimal adjustment of the bra: the chest circumference and the back circumference But when you take your measurements also plays an important role

How can I be sure that I am measuring correctly?

To get the correct measurements, the tape measure should be placed fairly tight around the chest, both below and to the middle (usually at the nipples). You don’t have to take the bra off; it just shouldn’t be padded as this will distort the result. The number of the bra size corresponds to what is called the back circumference. The exact result should be rounded to the next multiple of five (for example 70, 75 or 80).


What is my cup size?

The letter of the bra size indicates the cup size. It is possible to enter the measurement of the chest circumference in a bra size table. The letter corresponding to the cup size is then displayed automatically.


If in doubt, you can also ask a professional to take your measurements in one of the custom bra manufacturers online store. Our qualified sales staff can provide you with optimal advice.

When is the best time to take your measurements and buy a bra?

A woman’s breast changes the rules may for example reduce or increase breast size because of hormonal changes. So it is best not to measure her bra size or buy a new one at this time. The breast also undergoes a transformation during a diet or during pregnancy. It is therefore advisable to check its size at regular intervals.

Here’s how to have a perfectly fitting bra

Always fasten your new bras on the outermost row of hooks


Place the breast in the cup so that it surrounds it optimally

To see if the cup covers the breast optimally and completely, you can also put on a T-shirt. The bra must not make any marks.

The front and the back must be at the same height. The bra should not come up behind your back, even when bending or stretching (so it is best to do a test).

The middle front of the bra (between the cups), the yoke, should lie flat against the body.

Most important: you need to feel comfortable. When you wear the right bra, you naturally emphasize your femininity and increase your well-being. Because a bra with optimal support is also synonymous with self-confidence.