April 17, 2024


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Is A Pivoting Door Suitable For Your Next Project?

You may have seen them more on homes over the past five years – a front door that rotates on a pivot box rather than traditional side hinges. Pivot doors are great for large panels and have a cool, modern feel, but whether they’re suitable for your next home is another question.

“Revolving doors are popular because they offer a generous, wide opening and a sleek, modern appearance that blends in well with contemporary architecture,” explains the Our blog.

Mostly used in high quality and custom built homes, pivot doors are benefiting from two converging trends in residential construction : homes with a larger inside / outside connection and ever larger doors that facilitate this type of design. The same trends popularized the folding and lift-and-slide patio door, and now the front door is the next.

“A pivot door offers unique and advantageous properties, such as larger dimensions than those normally available in conventional doors,”. “High performance hardware allows panels that are much wider and taller than a traditional door to run smoothly. The operating hardware itself can be adjusted in terms of both the travel speed and the closing speed. This improves the user experience when opening and closing the door by choosing the functionality of the door for the individual user or household.

Swing doors enable smooth and easy operation

Doors offer many advantages. In addition to a seamless and sleek appearance, they offer smooth operation. It “works like a nicely balanced panel that appears almost independent of its frame,” says Sue Door panels can be made much wider than a side-hinged door with more total area, she adds.

One problem that occurs with some pivot door manufacturers is warping. “Unlike standard doors, revolving doors are not held on one side by hinges that stabilize any tendency for the wood to move,” writes Our of the door. Most doors will remain sturdy in any case, but since wood is a natural product (with inherent limitations in its lifespan in the tree) it can take any shape if not retained.

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One of the main drawbacks to using a pivot door is its cost – it is up to 30% more expensive than a single door and side window combination and, by some estimates, twice as expensive as a single wide door.

Expensive but luxurious

“Revolving doors may be the most expensive designer doors, but there is no escaping the feeling of luxury they add to the designs of top architects who help create the most forward-looking structural designs.

In fact, if your budget allows, and you have the right home, product, and customer, the pivot door could be one of the coolest things you can do for the entryway of your home.