April 23, 2024


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Tips for choosing custom lingerie according to your body type

Often, the emphasis is on comfort and convenience when it comes to choosing underwear. It is a habit that is most often inherited from the elders. And you get used to it easily as it is an easy way out. However, know, ladies, that the choice of lingerie is an integral part of the beauty. It impacts on the success or not of your look. Focus on the things to know in order to make your selection.

According to the morphology of your body

It is not enough to see the terms “cheap custom lingerie” on the dedicated pages to be tempted. It is always possible to negotiate a good price for your underwear, especially if you take the time to compare the services of virtual stores. However, investing in accessories that will not highlight your figure seems to be superfluous.

Currently, the major lingerie brands offer you different models of feminine and glamorous accessories. The market leans especially for the bodysuits which are a novelty. It should be remembered, however, that since they fit the silhouette perfectly, they tend to emphasize imperfections. If it is not a sheath, and you have unsightly bulges, do not. It is even better to limit yourself to matching bras.

The letters in the bras:

Ever since you started shopping for lingerie, you’ve probably realized that these accessories come with letters and numbers. These are the circumference of your chest. Depending on whether you have a developed cup or not, the sizes increase.

Hasn’t had time to familiarize yourself with your build yet? Take the time to try out models in stores. You will thus have the opportunity to appreciate the rendering of the outfit. The sellers can also advise you in this regard. For small breasts, it is possible to opt for a larger cup size and to put padding if necessary. You will have less trouble finding outfits that match your body type as well.

Push-up underwear: a godsend, but for whom?

In recent seasons, a particular model of feminine lingerie has been on the rise. We are talking about so – called “push-up “items. As the name suggests, these accessories are intended to highlight your curve. To do this, they use a special frame which will make your breasts firmer. Usually, it is those who have not been spoiled by nature that make use of it. By means of these, they can have a more generous chest, and this, without going through the scalpels and scalpels. Not to mention that the rendering is natural.

However, push-up supports without padding can also be used for larger breasts. During sport or during the day, your breasts will stay in place. Thanks to the reinforcements on the sides, you will be more comfortable and will also appear more feminine. The whole costs only a few tens of euros.

So you can find your happiness without any problem with custom lingerie