April 17, 2024


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The Gums Are Also Important

The smile is probably one of the parts of the face that we tend to take care of the most. Our oral hygiene and also how we maintain it aesthetically will say a lot about us. For this reason, it is very common in adolescence to undergo orthodontics so that our teeth are perfectly aligned or from time to time visit our dentist to proceed with whitening. In short, when we talk about oral care, we mostly refer to dental Plano treatment. What often goes unnoticed is the care of the gums.

The problems that can occur in the gums or mucous membranes are basically two.

On the one hand, when smiling, the size of the teeth is excessively smaller compared to the gums, which has been known as a gummy smile. On the other hand, we have the opposite case, when the mucosa is much smaller compared to the teeth. To these problems we can add some other setbacks, such as hypersensitivity to cold. Many times, the root of these problems can be due to poor oral hygiene, which causes excessive sensitivity in the gums.

Fortunately, solving the problems presented above is quite simple.

The surgery in charge of returning the gum to its ideal shape, either replacing it in the event that it has been lost. Or on the contrary, subtracting ground in favor of the tooth is mucogingival surgery. Getting more into technical factors. When we talk about a patient suffering from a gummy smile. The shape of the gum, larger than average. Causes the tooth to present an unsightly appearance. In this case, what is done is to cut and remove the excess part of the mucosa, making the entire dental Plano crown visible. Completing, when we have before us a case of receding gums, which, in the same way, is lackluster. For these situations, what is done is to do implant, obtaining a more aesthetic result and in the same way improving the dental Plano protection functions of which the gum is in charge.

Once the appropriate intervention has been carried out,

The treatment does not remain in the consultation. It is necessary for the patient to carry out a hygiene routine to maintain their gums. Many times, problems with this part of the mouth are caused by poor oral health habits. In fact, if you are already under a mucosal problem, if their condition is excessively bad, you will not be able to proceed with surgery until it improves.

Just as we do not usually neglect the health of our teeth,

We also have to keep a close eye on our gums. For this reason, it is advisable to visit your trusted dentist periodically, so as not to neglect the smallest detail. At the Texas Dental Center, we offer, on the one hand, complete periodic check-ups and in the event that there is a problem, for example with the gums, proceed to carry out the necessary treatment in a professional manner. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to visit our dentist in Texasdentalpa or our website.