April 17, 2024


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Now reduce belly fat with tummy tuck and reshape your body

tummy tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is aimed to flatten your abdomen and run successfully these days.   Hence by removing excess fat the procedure helps to tighten muscles of the abdominal wall.   It is recommended to be healthy before you opt for this treatment.  It is the last option by the people when all other measures have failed to serve the purpose.  Hence, to reshape their tummy, Women who had multiple pregnancies can opt for this operation.  There are different types of tummy tuck surgeries going on, it mainly includes three types.

 The first is known as the traditional or standard tummy tuck procedure,in which a moderate amount of incision is made that runs in a straight line from one hip bone to another. All fat tissues are suctioned out with this method. In this process, repositioning of the belly button is required because it involves considerable skin removal.

The second procedure is Mini tummy tuck surgery because it removes a smaller amount of skin with a tiny incision.   It needs a small incision as compared to the traditional method. This process is suitable for a slender physique, with good health. In this mini tuck surgery, no belly button repositioning is required.

The third procedure is regarded as extended tummy tuck surgery and is suitable for patients who have large amounts of fat deposited on the abdomen, hips, and on the sides of the lower back. In this case,. It is evident that the belly button needs to get repositioned in this case because incisions start from the abdomen and reach around your hips.

These were the three common and primary surgical procedures available. The tummy tuck surgery cost in India, varies from surgery to surgery.  One of the surgeries known as endoscopic tummy tuck is available and makes the least possible incision and the smallest amount of skin removal.

A tummy tuck is not a method of weight loss and does not properly reshape your body.  It is a technique, not entitled for this surgical treatment, who want to have a drastic reduction of body weight. Those  Women who have future pregnancy plans need to postpone this surgery. Hence till they recover from post-pregnancy issues it is not recommended to do this. People who want to undergo tummy tuck surgery should know about all the procedures with its risks and complications.  Hence all things should be first clear which they might face while undergoing tummy tuck surgery.

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tummy tuck surgery costs in India can range around  about INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000. it  requires some additional expenditure when Liposuction required

Hence, with a tummy, you can reduce your belly fat and can look younger.  You can Visit herefor more details and book your appointment.

  Hence before opting this method you may firstly be clear about the procedure to be done.   It is a safe and painless process and results are also good but may vary from body to body and chosen method.