June 17, 2024


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Does Black Coffee Bad for Dental Health?

Black Coffee Teeth Stains

Don’t you imagine a day of your life without coffee? Although this popular beverage leverages numerous benefits along the much-needed energy yet it causes teeth to stain. Coffee lovers will become happier knowing that it acts as antioxidants enhancing cardiovascular health and liver function.

Even, it cleanses the stomach as well. But the main downside of having coffee is declining oral health! Do you want to know how? Then continue reading this blog as it compiles the information for you.

Can black coffee lead to cavities?

Coffee is acidic in nature and staining is very common in daily coffee drinkers. It leads to erosion of enamel resulting it in become more brittle and thin. It never erodes the enamel directly. But it weakens the enamel, making it susceptible to wear away.

As a result, it causes yellowish discolouration. Tooth enamel is imperative to protect the teeth against decay. Therefore, you should drink lots of water and brush the teeth every time you have coffee for the protection against further damage.

Can black coffee cause stain?

Black coffee stains the teeth as it contains tannins, a kind of polyphenol. It allows the colour compounds to stay on teeth surface. As a result, your teeth become yellowish in colour. However, numerous ways are there for the prevention of teeth staining.

It includes limitation of certain beverages and foods containing tannins. Alternatively, you have to seek professional teeth whitening treatment for your coffee-stained teeth. Some may suggest at-home whitening treatment too if the stains are mild.

Beverages and foods staining teeth

Unluckily, coffee is not the only item causing annoying dental stains. Limit the consumption of following to retain whiter pearly smile.

  • Soy sauce
  • Red wine
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Black tea
  • Tomato sauce
  • Dark-coloured juices
  • Beetroot
  • Berries
  • Soft drinks

How to enjoy your black coffee without causing any teeth stain

Hey, coffee lover, you don’t need to sad! You don’t need to stop enjoying your morning routine of a mug of black coffee for avoiding dental stains. After it begins to develop, it is tough to eliminate. But here are some ways to tackle the stains from the very beginning. Check out below:

  • Have milk coffee- Coffee colour is helpful in the determination of staining the teeth deeply. By adding milk to it you will lighten its colour and it protects the teeth from staining acids of coffee.
  • Change of your way of having coffee- If you drink the coffee using the straw it can’t touch the teeth ever. You may feel it awkward initially. But over the course of time you will make a habit of having morning coffee using straw.
  • Reduce the consumption- You can have any alternative drinks or limit its consumption. For instance, try to have hot flavoured water or herbal tea in the morning instead of coffee.
  • Have crunchy vegetables and fruits- Crunchy vegetables and fruits such as celery, carrot and apple secrete production of saliva for scrubbing the teeth. It acts as a natural stain removal.
  • Use a better toothbrush- Electric toothbrush is highly efficient over regular ones and hence you can use it for the removal of remaining plaque and residue from the teeth. As coffee is acidic in nature owing a tendency for softening the enamel you should wait 15 minutes before brushing. By this time, the enamel will harden again.

How to remove the teeth stains?

Here are some tips to get rid of the stained teeth.

  • Brush regularly- Brush twice everyday using whitening toothpaste for maintaining a healthy and bright smile. It is safe to use daily and contains polishing agents and chemicals help in removal of the stain from teeth surface.
  • Flossing is important- Tartar and plaque will accumulate in the spot where a toothbrush can’t reach. It attracts the bacteria to cause yellowish spots and stains in between gum line and teeth.
  • Professional cleaning- Make regular dental appointments for cleaning teeth professionally. It helps in the removal of surface stains caused due to having coffee. But it is your responsibility to ensure overall oral and dental health in the long run.
  • Teeth-whitening treatment- Professional can remove discolouration and stains from teeth. It enhances the smile in an efficient way. Most people think that whitening promotes tooth sensitivity to cold and hot items. But that is absolutely wrong. You have teeth stains due to consumption of certain beverages and foods. They have no ability to result in irreversible damage. Whitening treatment will reverse the impact of stains over time.

Are you a coffee-lover? Stop panicking then and visit at www.teethwhitening.london to book your appointment to get rid of your coffee stained teeth. You don’t need to stop having your coffee.