June 16, 2024


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Benefits of Bulk SMS for Customer Support and Why Customers Love It

There is nothing as frustrating as being stuck in a line for hours waiting for a solution to a simple solution. Sadly, this is what usually happens when it comes to customer support.

Regardless of your type of business, if your customer support is terrible, your customers won’t stick around.

Luckily, one way of staying ahead of the competition is by delivering the much-needed support seamlessly and effortlessly. This, however, depends on the channel you choose.

You can save yourself the trouble and adopt bulk SMS messaging, which provides productivity and consumer advantage.

Why SMS Customer Support Will Improve Your Service

  • Convenience

After affordability, the next thing that most customers look at is the convenience and the reliability of brands. They want to be quickly attended to when they have a problem at hand.

Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have an easy support system – whether on social media, call centers, websites, or any other messaging app. Research has shown that only 10% of customer support experiences are convenient to customers.

Of course, live chats work, but when connections drop, not much can be achieved. Through SMS is where you only have a constant connection and one that provides a ubiquitous process.

Bulk SMS services provide a mobile-first experience that can significantly contribute to building strong and beneficial relationships with your customer.

  • SMS Provides a Human Touch

Customer service through bulk SMS brings almost immediate access to helpful human connections. Customers always crave that personal feel, and not chatbots, FAQs, or automated responses. It makes them feel valued, and it conjures trust and familiarity with your brand.

Of course, SMS cannot help where face-to-face interaction is required, but the intimate nature of the texting itself helps breed trust delivering meaningful value to the customer.

  • Faster Delivery

The best part about messages is that their delivery is almost instantaneous. They are delivered within the first one to two seconds, which means conversations between you and your customer – if you have enabled 2-way communication – are happening in real-time.

Also, the benefits of bulk SMS for communication, unlike phone calls, don’t demand much attention. The customer care support reps can handle up to 5 queries at a time!

  • Seamless experience

All these advantages provide a seamless experience for establishing a reputable brand. Further boldening of your brand involves integrating SMS with other platforms – which further enhances an effortless mobile experience.

If for instance, a customer has an issue with your product, instead of browsing your website to enquire, they can simply text a number and get instant feedback.

Instead of taking customers through a series of hoops, SMS:

  • Keeps the line open for communication 24/7
  • Resolves the problem in minutes
  • Personalizes and keeps the connection as humanly as possible
  • Can allow for customization such as the use of videos and pictures, and more

In a nutshell, SMS provides a seamless service with minor frictions and happy customers!

Final Thoughts

Establishing a mutual and beneficial relationship with your customer is no rocket science. It shouldn’t be a tedious task. Best of all is that you can reach out to Celcom Africa for the best bulk SMS services and rates that won’t break your bank. With Celcom, you enjoy convenient support alongside other features that will help you interact with the customer in a way that is easy and accessible.