July 16, 2024


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Shaped LED Transparent Screen with Creative Design

The story of the world is endless. The LED transparent screen industry has a variety of transparent screens in different sizes and styles. The transparent LED screen can display information continuously and can be used as a work of art for people to enjoy. Transparent LED display have been developed for innovation and innovative design based on transparent LED screens.

LED screens to come in a variety of shapes, including arc, curved, hexahedral, strip, and circular screens. Round LED screen 360 ° full view angle, full video display, you can feel the good visual effect at any angle, no problem with aircraft view angle. At the same time, the ability to project spherical objects such as the earth and soccer directly onto the screen makes people feel alive and widely used in museums, science museums, and exhibition halls.

Transparent LED displays can be assembled in a variety of text formats according to the actual needs of the customer, and images and logos are ubiquitous in modern urban commercial advertising. The dynamic display of video and audio allows people to understand the products displayed intuitively and visually, which can greatly enhance the commercial value of the company.


Transparent LED display curtains and LED-type curtains have become standard products in city bars and nightclubs. With ridiculous design rendering and stunning high levels of lighting effects, LED-shaped curtains line up with music in and around the center of the venue. Through music and video, the audience can experience the shocking effects that come from all directions. This new experience is very powerful for the commercial value of bars and nightclubs. Square and hexagonal curtains and station transparent LED display curtains are also very good. LED transparent screen applications are very cool and dynamic in performing arts displays.

Currently, it is a large-scale concert stage in which domestic stars participate. The layout is displayed on an LED transparent screen and an LED type screen. LED-shaped screens are associated with creative screens that look better than traditional screens. You can break the usual size limits of traditional LED displays and experience a variety of creative shapes of display effects.

Technological innovation allows it to adapt to a variety of buildings. Design and site environment. LED screen circuits have a more complex design and are more difficult to install than regular screens, but they have a wider range and are comparable to regular transparent LED display in terms of visual effects, professional value, and overall improvement. Not. Corporate image.