July 17, 2024


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Avoid These Costly Self-Move Mistakes – Moving Tips

Avoid These Costly Self-Move Mistakes - Moving Tips

It is quite common now for people to DIY their move. People opt for a DIY move more than moving with professional packers and movers in India. So, now ‘doing it yourself has become a trend.

Many people do it for personal reasons, some do it because they have mastery in it. But some just do it to save a few bucks. Until and unless you are experienced enough to pack and move your belongings, do not attempt a DIY household move in India.

It’s always better to move house with professional movers and packers as they are experts in packing and moving goods. You can rest assured of a safe and smooth relocation experience when moving with the best reliable movers.

But, if you are one of those who want to relocate home on your own, then you must avoid making these costly mistakes. Why we are calling it costly mistakes is because these things can cost you a lot. So, get organized early for a self-move and avoid doing costly self-move mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid During a DIY Move

Here are the common mistakes people make during a DIY move. If you don’t want to suffer losses and face financial challenges during your household move then avoid making these mistakes.

Assuming DIY Move is More Cost-effective than Hiring Packers and Movers

One of the most common mistakes people often do during a self-move is thinking a DIY move is way cheaper than moving with professional packers and movers. When this is only partially correct.

A DIY household move can be a cost-effective experience for those, who are experienced and skilled in handling relocation. People who know the right way to pack and move the goods and also know some packing moving tricks, only they can save money during house shifting. But, those who are unaware of the things that what it takes to pack goods, how much household moving cost, etc. cannot plan their move within their budget.

Also, do not consider your situation as others who have successfully done a DIY move. Always remember no two residential moves can be alike. Depending on the situation and requirements of the relocators, the move should be planned.

Likewise, your skills in packing moving household items will be considered for a safe and smooth move and reducing moving costs. If you are experienced enough to pack and move your belongings safely and you know how to arrange packing supplies for free, then you can make your move cost-effective for you.

If you have the following scenarios and things then you can surely save money during a DIY move

  • Do you have prior experience in household moves?
  • Is it a local shifting?
  • Do you have good and reliable friends to help you in moving, loading, and unloading your stuff?
  • Is the size of your home is small with no excessive amount of goods?

If your situation is not this, then don’t assume your move to be cost-effective. Or else, you will make some major mistakes which may cost you a lot during the move.

Thinking You Have Plenty of Time

House shifting is a time-consuming process. This needs to be understood by every person who’s relocating or will relocate in the upcoming days. When you will realize this then you will keep extra time in your hand to prepare for it. But most people make the mistake of thinking they have plenty of time to prepare. And later they create a total mess at the last minute, which ruins their moving plan.

Do not take packing and moving goods so lightly. This requires time along with good packing skills. Have a deadline for each task, and try to finish them before the deadline. Only this way you can have a safe and smooth self-move experience.

Choosing a Rental Truck of Wrong Size

You are not moving with professional packers and movers but to transport your belongings, you will be needing a vehicle. A right-sized van can be booked through a logistics and transport company in India. Such companies offer truck rental services in India. This means you can easily rent a truck of your choice to transport your belongings. There you will get multiple models of transports to choose from. But it is really important to choose the right size or else, you will have to multiple trips to transport your goods.

Most people hire small or medium-sized trucks or tempos to transport their belongings due to the fewer truck rental charges. But, instead of considering the truck rental charges, you should focus on the size. Choose the appropriate size so that you can transport goods in just one trip.

Thinking You Don’t Need Any Help

When you are preparing for a self-move then you just deluding yourself that you don’t need any help from your friends and relatives. You may not need packers and movers services but when it comes to help, you definitely need them from your friends and family.

Home shifting is not only about packing and moving goods. There are a lot of things that a relocator needs to complete before moving out. If you think you arrange everything on your own then it’s completely fine to not take help from your friends.

But if you need to change your address, transfer bank accounts, search the best schools in HSR Layout for your children, transfer utilities, pay bills, etc. along with packing your stuff and moving them safely, then there’s a need of taking help from your friends.

Also, loading and unloading goods is not an easy task as some heavier items need three to four people. So, think twice before refusing your friends from helping you. In fact, I would say go and ask for help from your pals.

Final Notes

DIY move may seem to be easy and also cost-effective but every coin has two sides. So, before opting for a DIY move think about its merits and demerits. Also, know your capabilities and skills. If you think you can do this, go for it. And if not then don’t worry because professional packers and movers HSR Layout are always there to assist you to relocate your home.

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