April 23, 2024


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Tactical Knives: Types and Uses

Tactical Knives

stainless steel pocketknife with blackwash finish on blade and handle

Although in a lot of Latin US countries, tactical knives are called knife that is folding in Spain only those who the handle does not protect the blade are called foldable knives when it’s folded, the side just isn’t adequately protected and it’s also essential to make it in a sheath.

These are halfway between machetes and knives, but they are still considered knives if the blade that pivots regarding the axis is saved into the handle in the case of tactical knives.

Special Knives

Some tactical knives incorporate an aluminum handle, helping to make them extremely light while being the handle that is one-piece the blows more than those that include plastic grips (handle covers) or other materials lighter and less resistant compared to aluminum.

Some models, like the Rui Tactical Knife, add a cup breaker tip that, as its name indicates, is quite ideal for splitting the glass, others, such as the SFL Coyote Knife, have steel clip to place it on and make it regarding the gear and select it up. quickly when needed. This specific model has a stainless steel blade coated with Titanium, giving an additional hardness towards the steel that has already been difficult.

Another of the very most practical tactical foldable knives you can find without investing a lot of cash may be the Knife with a Rubber Handle, whose blade of only 7.5 centimeters is capable of cutting a rope that is dense in a matter of seconds.

Both in the 8.5-centimeter blade that can also be screen-printed in camouflage tones, plus the handle with Machete handle shape made from lacquered metal, and lightened by holes if what you’re trying to find is just a knife having a military look, we suggest the Alpine Camouflage Knife, whose shape is extremely reminiscent of an army machete. This blade will come in steel that is small shaped such as a mini suitcase to guard it during transportation and store it when not being used.

On our internet site, you will discover more details and you will navigate through our catalog that is virtual observing details of each of these knives.