June 17, 2024


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Why Does Alcohol Drinking Have an Age Restriction?

It is a known fact to everyone that children and young people are always advised not to consume alcohol before the age of 18. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune thus states that alcohol use during the teenage years conspires with a variety of wide range of health and social problems as well. Therefore, until the age of either 18 or 21, they are considered to be underage.


The Involving Health Risks:


The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India, therefore states the major health risks which can be faced by the teenagers if they start consuming alcohol before the legal age provided. They are as follows:


  • Drinking alcohol can indeed damage an individual’s health even if they are of either 15 years or older than 15 years. However, early continuous consumption can indeed affect the normal development process of the vital organs and functions which can include the risk mainly in the brain, bones, hormones and liver.
  • As one starts drinking before the age of 14, they are likely to engage with serious health risks which can also incude alcohol-related ijuries such as involvement of rash driving, violence or also the ideas of suicide attempts.
  • Drinking before the legal age can also be associated with many other risk behaviours such as involvement of sexual intercourse, usage of drugs, pregnancy issues, drunk driving and also can cause employment or academic problems.


Advice for Parents:


The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, thus at times have recommended various sincere advice for the parents, to keep an observant nature in their child. They are as follows:


  • As some households allow their children to consume alcohol, they should at least wait till the age of 15, as before that it can slow down the development process of your child.
  • If parents are allowing their child to consume alcohol, then it should be on very rare occasions, specifically only twice in a year, which also should be done under the guidance and supervision of someone.
  • 1 unit of alcohol is the normal strength of a beer, therefore, if also one is allowed then it should be less than an unit. However, if your child intends to drink alcohol, please one should set severe boundaries with a proper incentive system and also should offer convenient advice.


Talk to Your Child


  • Parents should make it clear whether and at what age they are approving the drinking limit of their child. Thus, always a mature and a mutual understanding should be kept on point.
  • Never shout or slam at your child, as it could make their behaviour become defensive and could also make the situation worse, therefore remain calm and firm always.
  • Always make it absolutely clear that whatever the situation may turn into, you will always be there to clear your queries and guide them.
  • Please clarify the major issues which affect the human body because of the consumption of alcohol. Also, guide them and talk with clarity regarding the harmful after action which can impose a threat to the body of the individual.
  • Also, warn your child about the negative impact of drink spiking and what can be done to avoid such happenings.


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