June 9, 2024


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Is Alcohol Inflammable?

Alcohol is a highly inflammable substance which is also known to be a gastritis substance which stands to be any substance which after consumption affects your stomach’s inner lining and is inflamed by it or worn down. In the case of alcohol consumption, the process is known to be alcoholic gastritis, which is caused because of heavy drinking of alcohol on a regular basis. The only option therefore remains to either opt for a treatment plan if the risk is super high, or either start cutting down on the consumption of alcohol. Thus, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune in collaboration with the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, have discussed the various causes of gastritis, with it’s possible symptoms too.


Now, moving forward towards the causes of alcoholic gastritis, it can cause due to consumption of continuously eating spicy food, taking a lot stress and also by smoking with the consumption of alcohol, as at the time of any disease attack on your body, the immunity level of the immune system will go down, with the intake of bacterias, viral infections, trauma, pernicious anaemia as well. Pernicious anaemia is when the stomach starts having problems handling the Vitamin B12. Gastritis can also occur after the completion of any serious stomach surgery, as the stomach’s inner lining becomes weak. However, as stated by the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, the root cause of alcoholic gastritis remains to be the consumption of alcohol in a high quantity, which gradually irritates and finally erodes the inner lining of your stomach, triggering gastritis symptoms at a faster rate.


Furthermore, now let’s discuss the various symptoms of Alcoholic Gastritis. However, the problem of gastritis does not always cause any signs or symptoms and people usually consider the issue standing to be a problem of indigestion. However, several of the signs or symptoms are as follows:


  • A serious burning or gnawing pain in the stomach, which may get worse or at times better just after you eat anything.
  • There will be a constant pain in between your rib linings and between your navel areas.
  • You can oftenly get hiccups or suffer from the activity of belching.
  • One can feel their stomach to be bloated or have a feeling that your stomach is absolutely full and after the consumption of food it would get even worse.
  • You would start having feelings of nausea and would suffer from vomiting activity from time to time, with a serious loss of appetite.
  • If an individual has problems of anaemia in the body along with the problem of gastritis, they may suffer from fatigueness, shortness of breath at all times. Bleeding in the stomach stands to be the root cause of anaemia.
  • Blood clots in your faeces or vomit can also come along with the bleeding caused in the stomach.



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