May 28, 2024


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What Are The Video Marketing Trends In 2022?

What are the trends in audiovisual communication? What actions should be implemented in your communication plan? To help you build your video marketing strategy, we have unearthed the 3 main trends to follow in 2022. Here are our recommendations:

Video filmed on a smartphone, a guarantee of authenticity

In 2022, Internet users are looking for even more authenticity from brands. And authenticity is not only noticeable in your speech. It is also found in the way you produce your marketing content. This is where the first trend comes in: video filmed with a smartphone. It’s spontaneous content, easy and quick to produce because it doesn’t require a whole production team. A smartphone, a microphone, dynamic editing and you’re done!
This is also the reason why these interaction video are often less expensive than a motion design or a classic filmed interview. You have everything to gain: authentic and trendy content that appeals to your audience, easier to produce and at a lower cost! These videos are perfect for internal distribution, a digital marketing strategy on the web or social networks.

What types of content to film with your smartphone?

Employee interviews
Customer testimonials
Pitches of your services
Tutorials (Our tips for making a tutorial here)
Explanations of complex concepts in the context of training
And all other quick speeches for your audience
360° video to develop proximity, even from a distance
For the second consecutive year, the 360° is at the top of the marketing trends! There are several reasons for its success:
First, it is captivating content where the viewer chooses the angles of view as they read. It is a differentiating marketing content that offers your audience a unique immersive experience. You then develop closeness with her, even from a distance (And this is all the more useful given the current health crisis we are going through).

Optimizing videos to ensure better delivery

It’s a trend that’s a bit more technical but proven! As you know, video is the queen of the web! It is found everywhere: on websites, social networks, YouTube type hosts, marketing campaigns … And for your content to have a chance of being seen by the most people, you must optimize it according to algorithms. Each channel has its favorite codes and formats, and this year the algorithms will be even more demanding. The trend is towards VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization). This practice refers to the optimization of audiovisual content in order to make it stand out the highest in the search results.

On YouTube for example, many parameters can be optimized:

The title
The description
The thumbnail
All these elements allow the algorithm to understand what your content is about, who it is intended for and therefore, when and where to highlight it.
To successfully publish your videos on YouTube, download our white paper on this subject here.

Each social network has its particularities:

On Twitter, from the media studio, you can set a title, a description, a thumbnail, a call to action… You can read our article on this subject here.
On Facebook, the recommended dimensions for a video in a post will not be the same as those for an advertisement or a story.
It is the same on Instagram; the formats vary according to the chosen broadcast: post, IGTV, reel, story, live.
Algorithms put more emphasis on content optimized according to their codes. So find out well in advance about the specifics of each channel before you start producing your content!
Tip #1: A rule that applies to everyone, think about integrating subtitles. More and more users are watching videos without sound (at work, in waiting rooms, on public transport, etc.). Plus, it makes your content accessible to everyone! 😊
Tip #2: It is important to alternate short and long content. For a long time, we preferred short content, which allowed information to be taken quickly. But long content is coming back into marketing trends. They seem to be attracting Internet users again because they are more rewarding. Attention, they must be interesting and maintain the attention throughout their duration.
Tip #3: We can’t say it enough: Measure the impact of your video marketing strategy! It is by analyzing the results that you will be able to refine your strategy and offer content those appeals even more to your audience. Discover the 5 key indicators to measure the effectiveness of your video marketing strategy in our article.
As you will have understood, 2022 will be under the sign of authenticity, spontaneity and proximity. For a successful video marketing strategy, consider integrating these 3 trends of 2022. If you have a video projector need support on the distribution of your content, contact us! 🙂