April 17, 2024


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Valuable Tips for Your Move and Renovation

It entails quite a bit, such a move. I myself recently moved and had to arrange a lot of things. Quite useful to get some help with this, because there is really a lot to do!

The least fun thing about a move is cleaning up the ‘old’ house. A job that I’m probably not the only one dreading. After all, you want to focus on the fun things of a move, like decorating your new home.

To make the less pleasant aspects of moving as easy as possible, I provide tips in this article that will help you with that.

Tip: use a checklist!

It is useful to use a checklist to help you with all the hassle that comes with your move. This moving checklist has helped me a lot in not forgetting anything and moving without stress.

It is ideal for mobile use. You can personalize everything. For example, add your budget and extra points to your checklist.

Here’s what to think about:

Big cleanup

Start cleaning up on time. Don’t wait until you move to clean up. You often collect more than you think (at least I do).

Protective Packaging

For a stress-free move, arrange protective packaging material in advance. If you want to buy them online, visit Britwrap.com.

Home Insurance

Don’t forget to check your insurance. You often have to adjust these when the living situation changes.

Liability Insurance

Set; that expensive vase won’t survive the fumbling of your movers. And then?


insurance Are all your belongings insured during your move?

Building insurance

A fire broke out in my new house while I still live in my old house. What now?

We give you answers to the above questions and help you on your way to relocating properly and ‘sensibly.’

DIY and renovate

Often there is still something that needs to be done at your new home. However, it can be quite stressful to manage all this in the right direction. Because where do you start, and how do you keep everything within your budget?

Sometimes it is wise not to want to do everything yourself!

It is not for nothing that there are experts in the field of painting, carpentry and installing a kitchen. Are you considering enlisting help? Then view the benefits and costs of having your tasks performed.

Living and furnishing

Now comes the best part of the move as far as I’m concerned; furnishing! Before you start shopping in the nicest home furnishing stores, it is wise to put things in order first. What do you have to spend, especially what does living in your new home cost?

Here are a few financial tips when furnishing:

  • Do you want to purchase furniture for the move? Then visit a stylist with a map. It happens more often than you think; it just doesn’t seem to fit quite nicely.
  • Choose safe colors for your decor. Finally, something that several people like will help you sell your house faster.
  • Design lover? Then choose furniture from a well-known designer. This retains its value better, just like antiques and art by famous artists.
  • Choose the right elements for your home. Stay close to the construction period of the house!

Do you want more useful tips for furnishing your home? And especially maintaining and even increasing the value of your new home? Then, view the tips discussed in this blog.

I hope that with the help of these handy tips, you have, like me, moved stress-free and have thought of all financial matters.

In any case, it gives me a lot of peace to notice that I have not overlooked anything and that I have arranged everything properly.

Moving and purchasing new furniture, furnishing the house to the insurance that comes with your new home. I have succeeded:).


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