April 23, 2024


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Understanding Income Tax: Steps to Take as a First Timer


Worried about how to file taxes? Don’t know whether you are eligible to pay income tax? If you feel confused about income tax, you should read the following article. This article helps you with understanding income tax so that you don’t do any unintentional mistakes.

So, make sure you go through all the basic points related to understanding income tax. Who knows, you might be a beneficiary to avail a tax rebate or low-income slab. Without wasting any time, go through all the below-mentioned points about income tax. Read on.

Understanding Income Tax: Basics

Taxable Income

The first point that helps understanding income tax is whether you are eligible or not. For that, you need to check your income. You need to file tax only if your income surpasses a certain limit set by the government.

In case you run a business, check your profits. However, for multiple jobholders, you should add your income from multiple sources to file income tax. Any other form of income will be added to your slab in case there is any.

Proper Paperwork

Understanding income tax could disrupt a beginner’s mind. So, to stay on top of the game, you should get hold of paperwork. Keep all the receipts related to any charities you did, medical bills, or other expenses.

Also, make sure you keep any statements of student loans or investments with you while filing income tax. In case you run a business, get in touch with the best business consulting in Florida to know under which tax slab you fall.

Gather Income Documents

Want to overcome last-minute hassle? If yes, gather all the income-related documents. As a full-time employer, you need to provide a Form W-2 that should show your detailed income. Furthermore, it should also show whether there are any taxes to be paid.

In case you are a freelancer, you must have Form 1099-NEC that must enlist your income. If you have strong investments, you should mention dividends that you received in a single financial year. As a student, you need to mention the tuition fee paid and scholarships received.

Credits & Deductions

You can avail of Saver’s credit in case you are a part-time student and are not dependent on anyone. In that case, you might avail of the tax credit benefits if you are an active contributor to your retirement plan. Understanding income tax in case you pay student loans might come in handy.

You can save up to $2500 in interest payments. Also, your income used for charity is not taxed if you itemize your taxes. Freelancers are also free to claim tax rebates if they avail expenses for office supplies.


The usual date to file your tax is April 15. therefore, you should prepare your documents at least two months before filing the taxes. Sometimes, a last-minute heckle could result in further delays in filing taxes.

Filing income tax earlier also helps you avoid tax theft. Moreover, filing earlier helps you get the refund sooner than waiting for your turn. If you are stuck somewhere, you should file for an extension that will give you at least six more months.

Types of Tax Filing

As a novice, understanding income tax and its types is important. You can ‘free file’ your income tax if your income is less than the specified tax slab. However, if you higher income, you can also avail yourself of the IRS online forms. These will do all the math for you.

In case you are serious about income tax, you should hire a team for tax preparation in Florida. Or, you can install tax preparation software on your computer.

Wrap Up

As you can witness, understanding income tax will tax you from crime and further benefit you. It also increases your credit score that comes in handy when you want a loan. So, make sure you file your income tax before the deadline to keep your record clean.