April 23, 2024


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Different Modes of Transport: Medical & NEMT


Do you know nearly 3.5 million people couldn’t avail medical transport in critical conditions? The biggest reason is the lack of proper infrastructure and medical transportation. Whenever any catastrophe occurs, medical services come in handy. However, with the availability of different modes of transport, it becomes difficult to know what to avail of.

Go through the following people to know which service you should avail to in case of a particular accident or scenario. This saves your time, money, and life. So, without further ado, let’s have a great learning experience. Read on.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Not every time is a critical emergency. So, in that case, you should get in touch with ambulatory services in your locality. These help the patient to get basic clinical assistance and stop anything serious from happening.

Do you have any injuries in your leg? Are you unable to walk? If so, a wheelchair service is something that you must avail yourself of. It further includes a van and a wheelchair lift. The driver has basic training in performing CPR to help you until a trained professional arrives.

Is there any issue with your back? Are you not able to sit? Want to lie down? If every question has an affirmative answer, you should hire a stretcher service. The patient is transported to his or her destination on his or her back to ensure comfort and ease.

Flight Services
Don’t want to travel by road? Do you need assistance in the mid-air? In that case, flight escorts will assist you until you reach your destination. These might have some basic medical training, however, not masters in medical supervision.

Do you need an emergency body organ? Will it be imported from other parts of the world? If so, you can rely on courier non-emergency medical transportation. These help you send or receive blood or other biological material to and from your destination.

All the above-mentioned are some non-emergency medical transportation in Florida. Hence, you are free to choose from all these modes of transport in case there is no or little emergency.

However, if the situation is critical and demands medical attention, you should check the following points. This consists of medical supervision depending on the level of damage or attention required. So, keep reading.

Emergency Medical Transport

Basic Life Support
Also known as BLS, it has certified medical technicians along with the patient to assist throughout the way. There will be continuous monitoring of the patient to ensure there is no danger. Moreover, the BLS has advanced equipment to assist the patient until he or she reaches his or her destination.

Advanced Life Support
Advanced Life Support, also known as ALS, has a team of certified paramedics on board. Furthermore, the medical transport vehicle has a heart paddle that helps the medical team to monitor the heart rate. It also has other medical equipment like an ECG monitor. Advanced medical support is always at disposal in case the patient’s condition changes for the bad.

Critical Care Transport
Is your condition supercritical? Does the situation demand a certified nurse? If yes, Critical Care Transport, also known as CCT is something you could go with. You can either avail to a public or a private medical transport unit. Patients whose health is critical need this service while transferring them between different medical facilities.

Neo-Natal Intensive Care Transport
It is one of the best medical transport for newborn babies to transfer them to a medical facility. The intensive care unit is always present onboard to ensure the baby does not face any issues.

All these are some of the best medical transport services in Florida that you can avail of depending on your condition and health issues.

Wrap Up

As you can see, the above-listed modes of transport are at your disposal depending on the level of assistance you need. Therefore, make sure you are aware of your present condition and choose a service wisely without any hassle