April 23, 2024


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Permanent Health Effects of Drugs on Human Body

Drugs are known to be the most harmful consumption for the human body in any format with any substance included in it, as it has the power to either destroy you slowly or destroy you all at once. Therefore, today the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, will tell you about the harmful health factors which are caused because of the consumption of drugs. Some of the major ones are as follows:


  • Effects on Respiratory System: Drug abuse can indeed cause a consistency of harsh cough which is caused in our respiratory glands, damaging the complete respiratory system, specifically the upper respiratory and also induce effects into our pulmonary glands which can therefore lead towards slow blood circulation, breathing problems and also cause asthma. Via repeated exposure to smoking after drug consumption, people can have the chances to cause infections which can lead to tissue death caused around the nasal linings via the problems of sinus. Users can also experience chest pain, cough issues and fatigueness which are all signs of lung damage because of the consumption of drugs for a long-term basis. It can also lead to pulmonary haemorrhage and can also raise issues of pulmonary infection and more. Irregular breath and quick fatigueness are the starting signs.


  • Effects on Cardiovascular System: After a keen research, it is stated that drug impacts the heart at a much faster rate and also on a long-term basis, as it slows down the blood flow of our body due to which the flow of heart vessels have a tendency to stop completely at times, which can also give you a stroke. Unfortunately, this mechanism cannot be detected via any signs, but can take place anytime and anywhere. Therefore, after the consumption of drugs if one is feeling highly uneasy, then the chances of heart attack can be at peak. Also, at this time the heart vessels become over dilated which also at times makes the blood vessels pump blood at a faster rate, where the adrenaline level of our body boosts up resulting in fatigueness and chest pain. As constant consumption and the complete method stated above, if done at a faster rate, the heart thus has a tendency to become very weak. Therefore, the chances of getting a stroke increases rapidly at a much higher growth. With the heart, the blood vessels also become very pale and weak, which can also be the cause of slow blood circulation in our body.


  • High Risk of Strokes: The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune states that, alcohol and drug consumption both have the tendency to damage the brain on a permanent basis, which can be caused due to the possibility of an alcohol or a drug-induced stroke. People who majorly drink regularly and consume more than 2 drinks in a day, have an increasing chances of stroke mainly by 34 percent , raising the degree of high blood pressure in the body. Specifically, diabetic patients should not consume such substance at all, as they have the highest possible risk. Also, people who are in the age of 50s and 60s have the highest possibility of getting a stroke.


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