July 15, 2024


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Categories of Custom CBD Boxes

All brands that sell CBD products need to invest in quality product packaging. It includes Custom CBD Boxes. There are many benefits of using printing services. Your choice will affect selling your items. That’s why you need to make sure that you carefully select the company. 

One can provide you with superior grade packing boxes for your needs.

Reason to Design Attractive Custom CBD Boxes

At first glance, it may seem like all kinds of packaging material will do. However, what use is it if the outer appearance of the box fails to engage potential customers? Once someone picks up your products, it’s important that you instantly draw to them. 

He must compel to learn more about the brand and what you have to offer.

For this reason, it’s critical to find a company that can provide you with Attractive Printed CBD Boxes. It can make your boxes with both lightweight and moist resist material. If your products aren’t properly protected, they could fall victim to spills or other kinds of damage. 

It impacts the product display and quality. If customers are dissatisfied with how your CBD items look after buying them due to damaged packaging, it will reflect poorly on your company. 

It’s important for companies offering custom printing services to understand that no single approach fits all brands. However, some aspects are generally suitable for just about any product. It’s of the utmost importance to choose a company that can provide customers with all kinds of packaging solutions.

The following are some of the most common types based on their use or design:

1. Paperboard Storage Boxes

They are used primarily to ship items from one place to another. So it doesn’t have an outer appearance that is integral to attract attention. However, these boxes aren’t only affordable. They provide your products with enough protection during shipping and handling processes. Unless you want your CBD items arriving in a damaged state, you must protect them with this type of box.

2. Sliding Top Storage Boxes

One of the most preferred Custom CBD boxes is with a sliding top. They are elegant enough to place on display without hiding them away once opened. This particular kind of storage box doesn’t only look good. It is also designed to prevent your products from being damaged during shipping processes.

Most hemp wraps are done using heat seal technology. It means there will not be an easy way to get your items open without causing damage unless you use scissors or some sharp object. Sliding tops eliminate any potential stress caused by trying to get to your product.

Another thing to consider is that these Custom CBD Boxes are eco-friendly. It means that the packaging company you use will produce them at a lower cost than most other boxes. It may not seem like it holds much weight. 

Over time, this could lead to reduced costs, making the overall price for your oil or any other product sold by CBD companies. On average, sliders will ship faster and be cheaper than their counterpart. 

Sliders with Gloss Lamination

However, some companies opt for sliders with a high gloss lamination coating. Suppose you are considering using glossy lamination on your CBD Boxes Wholesale sliders. In that case, you should contact your company as soon as possible. Ensure that they will produce the products on time and quote you before you order.

After all, if the first thing that buyers see when buying your products is damaged packaging, it will make them less inclined to buy from you again in the future. CBD brands prefer sliders because of the ease of use when opening your product. To open an ordinary box, you would need at least two hands:

  • One hand will need to grab the flaps on the opposing end
  • The other hand will either need to tear or lift off whatever type of closure system was used in place

3. Stand up Pouch Packaging

Stand up pouches are very similar to sliding top boxes in terms of why CBD manufacturers use them. However, there is one slight difference between the two types of packages. 

Sliding tops hold the product in place while allowing easy access to your items, making them useful for people who want something that will protect their products without having too much extra material involved. Stand up pouches allow your customer to see your product inside while still giving it security against damage during shipping processes. 

Like sliding top boxes, stand up pouches’ slightly inflated design allows it to easily fit into any space along with providing your customer with a visual representation of what they will be receiving once they rip open the pouch.

Types of Stand Up Pouches

There are two types of stand up pouches. One type has a zipper closure while the other does not. If you opt to use a stand-up pouch without a zipper, you must order them in mass quantities. If your customers need to return or exchange their product, it can cause problems and extra costs for both parties involved. 

The only time to use non-zippered pouches is when you know that your customer will buy multiple units of CBD products at any given time due to bulk discounts. It make it easy for them to get everything from the same place.

When deciding what would best suit your company’s needs, always consider your product’s specific needs and restrictions. For instance, if you only sell one kind of CBD product and there aren’t any rules regarding shipping and storage methods that would directly affect the packaging, almost any type of box will do. 

However, if you sell multiple kinds of products and need to store them in a dry environment, your custom boxes need to be water resistant and lightweight. That way, they won’t add too much weight or make customers struggle when deciding where to place your items on display.

When choosing the right company for CBD Boxes Wholesale, always look at their previous work and customer reviews before doing business with them. You don’t want the cheapest option. Instead, you need someone who can provide quality boxes. They not only meet your company’s needs but are also attractive for customers to see.