June 11, 2024


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Online vs. Traditional School: Which Is the Better Choice?

It was not a long ago when schooling meant going to a brick-and-mortar building, sitting in the classrooms, taking lectures, and enjoying the time with friends. That is how traditional schools used to work, but the tables have turned after the pandemic. Though online schooling was there even before this unfortunate worldly affair, it certainly gained popularity during this time. The only option to carry out education was online modes, and once parents got introduced to it, the inclination towards an online school increased! 

The inclination in parents is now clearly visible. Parents these days are searching for a Kuala Lumpur international school with an online schooling option during admissions. They look for the best preschool in KL for their child, but they also want the online education option. So let us discuss which schooling option is better and what parents should prefer choosing.

Online v/s traditional school


Online schools offer flexibility, as a child can attend them from anywhere! They need not be in the same place geographically, as the internet gives the flexibility of location. It works for parents who keep moving and fear that their child cannot adjust to school so quickly. On the other hand, traditional schools require the child to be physically present every day!

Social Interaction

The social interaction of children contributes to improving their communication and soft skills. It is where online schools lag behind. A child attends a class virtually, so his social interaction is negligible. It affects the mental growth of the child. They will face the difficulty as they grow up, and it is time to face the world!


Discipline is the core factor that turns children into learned and effective managers. This skill develops when a child has to follow a strict routine, go to school, study, and stick to the same schedule for years! Unfortunately, children attending an online school cannot learn this as they barely get up before their online class begins! Thus, there are personality flaws in children who go for online education even if they attend the best primary school in KL.

Learning Experience

The learning experience of both the schoolings is different. It would be wrong to judge what a child would like of the two! Many children prefer the personalized experience offered in an online class. They get to interact one on one with their teacher. However, others would like to study in a class, along with fellow children. However, if you consider mental growth and confidence, it is always better to send your child to a traditional school!

Technical Awareness

In the fast-paced world, the awareness of technical advancements is vital for growth. Children will learn the concepts better and will be prepared for the competitive world! It is something that an online school can teach better than a traditional school, any day. 

These are the fundamental aspects that differ between online and traditional schooling. As a parent, you need to understand these aspects and see what can work best for your child. Keep in mind the plans you have for your child’s future, and then make the comparison. Once you analyze them and figure out which way your child will like it, you have a decision! Do not believe what others say or choose; you can take suggestions and references, but choose what is best for your child.