April 17, 2024


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Nephrologist Physician Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance for nephrologists is a new initiative by INSTANT DISABILITY in which the company assures policy holders with the insurance policy to provide for an income on monthly basis if they are not in a well physical state to work due to disability caused by any illness, injury or disease.

As a nephrologist you earn a very good income and your high standard of lifestyle is maintained because of income from your profession. But would be able to maintain this lifestyle as it is in the absence of your job if you go through disability – probably not , reason being that in the absence of a job which used to give a regular income it’s difficult to reduce expenses suddenly and meeting all requirements becomes difficult. Nephrologists are smart enough to understand this. As a Nephrologist you can buy the policy.

Physician Disability Insurance to protect your income.

You being into the medical field know which insurances are practically helpful for you. Unlike medical insurance policies in which only medical expenditure is included we provide an alternative income to you who cover around 2/3rd of your income and in addition to this you can utilise this money meeting your expenses.

As you give dialysis as a treatment to your patients we give financial assistance as a treatment for our policyholders so that they don’t fall into the debt trap or financial indebtedness.

Nephrologists themselves have experience of seeing many of their patients going through disability because of kidney related issues. So why are you neglecting of whatever is happening around you? It’s said that an intelligent man learns from the experience of others so, do think of buying the Nephrologist Disability Insurance.

If you think that you won’t face disability related issues in your life than you are painfully wrong. You also fall into the same category of vulnerability as any other individual is. It’s a high probability that you will get disability in your working age itself. 

Factors deciding coverage amount

There is not a single factor but multiple factors run through according to which an estimate is created of every individual policyholder ex- AGE – younger ones in age will get policy in cheaper price than of older ones.

Income – the income you have presently an estimate will be made accordingly and at the time of claiming insurance your last dream income amount will be taken as a reference to give coverage.

Buy when you are healthy- the value of your policy will also increase if you buy policy when healthy otherwise with the pre-existing medical condition buying policy will be little on the higher side.

Additionally there are multiple riders which you can use like that of adding more coverage and percentage to your income which will give an additional layer of security. Inflation rider is given to you time to time according to the increase in cost of living.

Overall if you see this Insurance covers every aspect of affected life due to disability. INSTANT DISABILITY is the first and last choice of nephrologists.