July 17, 2024


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Moroccan Sedari: Maintain It Well for A Better Longevity

Moroccan Sedari Maintain It Well for A Better Longevity

Are you a lover of oriental culture and have you just added a magnificent Moroccan sedari to the decor of your living room? If this is your case, you must surely know that fabric sofas of this type require special maintenance to maintain their beauty.

Find out here everything you need to know to be able to keep your Moroccan sedari clean and beautiful for a long time.

Regular maintenance

If you’re not a fan of cleaning or don’t like the idea of doing it for several hours, be sure to maintain your sedari regularly. With guests passing by and children, if you have any, stains will quickly appear on your sofa and you must therefore be meticulous.

To avoid having to completely clean your sedari too often, you can follow some basic rules. By consulting Moroccan sofa specialists, you will have access to maintenance advice like here, rather simple advice to apply.

First, as soon as you position your sofa in your living room, consider applying waterproofing if the fabric allows it. The absorption of liquids will therefore be delayed and the stains will be easier to remove later.

Then, do not skimp on the step of vacuuming your sedari. Indeed, dust accumulates quite quickly on this type of furniture and can change the original color of the fabric over time. A quick visit to the corners of your sofa once or twice a week will be more than enough.

Deep cleaning

Even if regular maintenance of your sedari greatly alleviates your task. It will not always be enough to exempt you from deep cleanings. Thus, to keep your Moroccan sofa in impeccable condition. You will need to be aware of the appropriate products and techniques to clean it. Try also: Best Sofa cleaning in Redfern

Products and equipment to be used

To be able to carry out an optimal cleaning of your sedari, it is important that you have the necessary at hand and that you proceed with the method as in the article mentioned above. If you operate regularly, a few cleaning utensils such as soft sponges, brushes, and containers of water will suffice.

Cleaning techniques to adopt

There are two main categories of cleaning for Moroccan sedaris: wet cleaning and dry cleaning. Generally, although a little longer and more complex, wet cleanings are the most effective.

The main way to dry clean your sedari is to simply sprinkle baking soda on your couch. After a night of laying, vacuum and find the fabric of your sofa clean as a whistle.

To restore shine and color to the fabric of your sofa, also consider carrying out a foam cleaning once a year. Note that the Moroccan sofa is often equipped with a removable fabric allowing it to be. Cleaned very easily as well as to change the style if you feel like it!

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