June 8, 2024


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How Are Virtual Reality Apps Dominating The Gaming Industry?

Virtual reality aps
  • According to TechRepublic, 91% of the companies leverage or plan for AR, VR adoption.

Virtual reality has been dominating different industries since its invention. Healthcare, education, marketing, and advertising, automotive, manufacturing, and gaming are the domains, to name a few.

  • According to Fortune Business Insights, the global VR devices market was USD 4.42 billion in 2020.
  • It is said to reach USD 84.09 billion by 2028.

The gaming industry is considered one of the fastest-growing industries among other sectors. From monochrome lines to realistic 3D scenarios, video games have advanced significantly with virtual reality companies.

  • According to Finance Online, AR/VR Social media content seen on the internet has a 40% share of video games.


Virtual reality in gaming

VR has transformed the global gaming experience. Technology plays a significant role in concocting fresh and visually appealing content in the game. As a result, VR-based games are more realistic and exciting than traditional games. Additionally, VR games include the use of devices such as the VR headset, Haptic VR gloves, VR controllers, and many more, making games more fun.

  • No wonder Supermicro’s research calculated the revenue of USD 589 million with VR game headsets only in 2020.


Why are VR apps dominating the gaming industry?

Alternative reality apps furnish the gaming industry with extended benefits by offering unique and attractive features. Some of these features are listed below.


Real-time gaming experience.

One of the most favored reasons why VR gaming has been so popular across the world is the realistic gaming experience gamers have! Users get a real-time experience while playing games, making games more engaging.


Increase in the intelligent quotient.

The American Psychological Association endorses the saying that voices video games as an alternate form of learning. Also, research at the Digital Creativity Labs, York, discovered that actions like video games could detect intelligent quotient. So, by training the brain to solve the riddles, VR games can enhance IQ.

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Calorie burning is easier than it seems!

Though VR-based games require gadgets and devices, the game will not sit users inside! Instead, VR games include activities and instructions that require physical activities. This, in turn, helps to burn more calories.


Phobia cure with virtual reality gaming

There are a lot of virtual-reality game genres like horror, elevated heights, shooting, skiing, swimming, etc. If any of these scares gamers, they can fight it with related VR games. It becomes easier to cure your phobia when you know you are in a safe environment.



VR-based games help in dealing with stress and anxiety. These games offer an escape from uneasiness, making the user more engaged and active in games for some time. As a result, it lowers stress levels and increases relaxation.


Domination of virtual reality apps in the gaming market

  • According to Fortune business Insights, the industry share for VR in gaming was USD 7.92 billion in 2021 worldwide. It will scale up to USD 53.44 billion by 2028.
  • According to TechJury, Facebook was the top vendor of VR headsets and virtual reality company in 2020.
  • An interesting statistic by TechJury about VR gaming says that around 70% of owners of VR headsets have bought games for it.

Like many other industries, VR apps are dominating the gaming market. Microsoft Corporation, Facebook LLC, Nvidia Corporation, HTC Corporation, Unity Technologies, and Apple Inc. are some of the notable key players in the industry.

Speaking geographically, a report by Fortune Business Insights presents the dominance of North America in the VR gaming market with a revenue of USD 2.74 billion in 2020.


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