May 28, 2024


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The cinematography commonly known by its abbreviation “cinema” is an art that is responsible for transmitting images or frames quickly to give the sensation of movement. In order to carry out a cinematographic work, the intervention of other elements is necessary, both technical and economic and creative, such as photography, writing the scripts, assembling the scenes, handling the cameras, directing the sound. , the production of the work, among other elements.

What is cinema?

This artistic technique consists of the ability to capture, save and transmit images in circulation, provided by an auditory support. This process is regularly undertaken with a video camera and is related to technical and creative photography.

The concept of cinema is also related to the ability to tell stories through image representations in which frames are captured quickly and progressively, creating illusions of movement.

However, from a different point of view, the definition of cinema refers to the rooms or spaces where films are developed for a certain audience in which they have a conditioned space made up of a production screen and an audience.

The cinema and its derivatives play a very important role in the contemporary world and in the idea of communication that is usually used, because everything is filmed and reproduced by other people miles away and even years later. The cinematography reproduces videos of deceased people and projects events that occurred in any other part of the world.

How to make a movie

During the creation of a film you have to go through several phases that last a certain time and these are pre-production, production and post-production. Throughout pre-production, all the necessary preparations are made to start shooting the film; the first step is based on the preparation of a script. Next, a casting is carried out to select the actors who are going to play the main roles in the film.

At the same time, all the necessary procedures will be carried out for the opening of the shooting, such as the financing of the project, the selection of the space where it will be recorded, the contract of the technical personnel that will work on the film and the preparation of the storyboard. Who will direct the recording?

Once all these steps have been completed, it is time to start the production phase, giving rise to the shooting of the film.

In the course of this project, a large number of film professionals intervene and it is where everything that resides in the previous phase takes place.


Contrary to what many people think, the performances are not recorded in the same order that they will obtain in the final footage, but are organized according to the arrangement of the actors, the rental time of the filming sets, the archetype of the locations that appear, etc.

Once the necessary material has been recorded, the post-production phase begins; the most appropriate scenes are selected and ordered from all the footage that is available, until proceeding to what will be the final montage that will reach the screens. At this time the resonant element is added to the film and the soundtrack is introduced along with the scenic effects that require it.

In the same way, possible voices that intervene in the film are recorded in off and, if necessary, the dialogues of scenes that are not entirely pleasant are repeated. Once all the content has been completed and united, the final version of the film is in hand and, consequently, activities that contribute to its promotion begin, to make the work known to the public and to specialized press. After that, the copies of the film are distributed to all the cinemas near me for its premiere and to make it reach the viewer.