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4 Solutions to Clean Cat Urine On Floors and Fabrics

Solutions to Clean Cat Urine

Peeing outside the litter box: how to properly remove traces?

The cat is an animal that grows and builds itself within a territory full of smells and pheromones that it takes care to build. Even castrated or sterilized, it only takes a small disturbing element to push him to modify his behavior. Result: pee outside the tray… In this case, be careful not to use any product to clean the urine stain and eliminate all traces of odor.

Why does your cat urinate out of its litter box?

The cat can relieve itself next to the tray for 2 reasons: a urinary disorder or the desire to mark its territory and protest in the event of:

  • Change of environment (works, move)
  • The arrival of a congener
  • Rejection of new litter
  • Sudden refusal to go to the bin after an event (noise, punishment) reminding him of a traumatic memory

The consequences of urine on floors and textiles

Except by challenge, your cat will wait for your absence to relieve itself outside the box. If a few hours pass between the pee and your return, the impact on the materials can be real:

  • On a tiled floor, the more porous joints could be impacted.
  • On wooden floors, urine may leave a whitish mark.
  • Also, on textiles and carpets, the halo and the smell may remain.

Techniques to remove urine odor and stains

Often mentioned on the Internet, vinegar, bleach, ammonia, or soda crystals do not necessarily give an optimal result. No warranty exists for stain or odor removal. If your cat has chosen your sheets, your towels, or your clothes, machine washing with Marseille soap remains the most effective solution.

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It gets more difficult if your pet has targeted the sofa, the carpet, or a mattress without a mattress pad. First, try with a mixture of sparkling water and white vinegar (twice as much water as vinegar). Then sprinkle with baking soda and leave to act for 3 hours. If the smell persists, prefer the use of a specific device such as the portable water cleaner.

For tiles and hardwood floors, if the urine is still a puddle, use a paper towel first. Then treat with a mop or your CrossWave Pet Pro 3-in-1 pet cleaner. If the stain on the parquet has dried, you will need to use elbow grease and sandpaper to sand before waxing your floor.

For the walls, the work looks more complicated. Prefer sparkling water for a first pass, followed by cleaning with Marseille soap. The risk that the stain remains exists.

Precautions to limit the risk of peeing

A few golden rules can limit accidents:

  • Buy enough boxes: 1 box per cat + 1 extra box.
  • Empty the litter boxes regularly and change them every 3 weeks.
  • Keep bowls and water points away from litter boxes.
  • Close bedroom doors to limit access.

Don’t forget to talk to your veterinarian about it. It remains the reference to help you understand your cat’s worries and to advise you.

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