July 10, 2024


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6 Minimum Viable Product


Minimum Executable Products (MVP) have the greatest benefits in development. It saves costs and allows entrepreneurs to witness their market ideas. To succeed in a highly competitive environment, new businesses want their products to reach the market quickly and attract customers ahead of their competitors. This can be achieved with the MVP method.

What is an MVP?

MVP application development is the process of developing the most basic version of an application and deploying it to the user. So it’s a complete movie trailer. Introduce the first working version of a product with core features to see how viewers respond and gather data from feedback. It uses key product features and requires very little resources or investment. Once approved by the user, start gradually repeating the product.
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Why use MVP?

MVP supports your business in many ways. At grassroots level, MVP helps businesses see if their ideas are attracting people. MVP helps to attract early adopters who provide solutions that will help them develop products in the future. An MVP can generate revenue when an audience wants to buy a product or service.

Philosophy MVP

The concept of MVP development is based on the Startup Startup methodology. The focus is on verifying the feasibility of the business model and reducing the time and effort required for the development cycle.

How to analyze the results of the most impractical proposals?
Created MVP product and released to market. So how do you determine the outcome to move forward?

As a general rule, 3-5% of people buy a product after seeing an offer. If that happens, you are on the right track.

Myth about MVP

Myth # 1

Many start-ups misunderstand the MVP development approach and invest their efforts and resources in partially cooked dishes. To fix this, MVP is not product related. It is about technology that creates the best solution to address the problem identified.

Myth # 2

Some people want to develop a fully functional MVP. According to them, by introducing many features, you can set yourself apart from your competitors. The correct version of this conforms to core functionality and is being tested.

Myth # 3

Minimal executable products include basic functionality, which puts companies at risk of quality to speed up the development process. Don’t do this. Develop functional and standard products, even if they have only one feature.

Some popular and inspiring examples of MVP


Starting with a video, we talked about the products the company is about to launch. They wanted to see if such a sync file system would benefit consumers. They did not take the risk by building the hardware and developing the application. They pretended the app was already under development and would hit the market soon. The public reaction was so positive that the company came up with the idea.


Uber was not the same as what we are seeing right now. First, Uber launched a service in San Francisco that connects iPhone drivers and users. It was enough to achieve their main goal. We offer sourcing services at an affordable price. Now you know where Uber stands. For a proper MVP approach.


Many people recognize the establishment of Amazon as an online bookstore. The story is as follows. Jeff Bezos bought a book from a retail store and delivered it to a customer every time a digital store received an order. By analyzing the possibilities, he added new products to the online store, acquired a warehouse and became the world’s largest online retail website. Today, from A to Z, you can buy anything from them. You can order anything from needles to tools without any hassle.

6 Examples of MVPs for starting a digital business

1. Landing page

Landing pages is one of the famous and convenient MVP modes. With this method, one page is displayed for marketing purposes. Such pages will appear in search results and visitors will click to receive details of the product or service offered. When they are interested in a proposal, you will receive clear green traffic lights and instructions to take it one step further.

Buffers are a great example of a landing page that everyone uses as a good reference to get started.

2. Video display

The Dropbox example is notable here. Providing and explaining product features using training video photos is a reliable and effective way to gain consumer attention. It is important if you are offering something special that requires a lot of effort and resources to develop, but before researching the development process, you first need to know the acceptance criteria.

3. Concierge

Identify customers who prefer to see through the Concierge MVP
Through the Concierge MVP, you can identify customers who want a subscription service that sends you a customized product selection. You can start by hand selecting the product for each individual. If you think your idea is successful, you can start with the application development process. This process analyzes the response and selects the product to send.

4. A fragmented MVP

A piecemeal MVP idea is to use existing tools in your project. This allows you to capture and combine key elements to provide new user experiences and features. The best example of a fragmented MVP is Groupon. This includes promotional offers and deals from shops, restaurants, local markets and more.

In terms of collaboration and collaboration with other projects, the only issue to understand in this collaboration is to promote the first MVP as much as possible.

5. Software prototype

A well-known example of developing a viable MVP product is an overview of software products in software development. This is usually an incomplete submission and is the first step in the application development.

Of the many MVP options you can try, here are the most popular. This is because the original was created with the original function and displayed to the customer as follows:

If you like the product, the developer understands the focal point of the idea that needs to be addressed. However, you must enter unique details to be able to use them. It includes whether you already have a budget and audience.

6. Wizard of Oz

This implemented small product model shows that while the project seems to be working fine from the outside, everything inside is manually controlled. This model is also known as the “Minimum Executable Flint Stone Product” or “Direct MVP”.

Zappos is one of the best MVP in this genre. Nick Swinman’s idea was to see if people could buy shoes without trying them. He took photos in the store and posted them online. The consumer actually bought it. Recently, Zappos is a multi-million dollar company.

MVP is very important for testing the market trends of new products. MVP helps companies develop idea-based work plans and understand customer needs. The MVP stories and examples above illustrate their importance and how to use them effectively to build your business successfully.

You can expect the final product to be updated and sold. Alternatively, you can create an MVP to maximize market demand for your products, avoid mistakes, spot consumer behavior, and identify customer preferences.

Finally, if you have an inspirational idea to stay at the top and are interested in developing an MVP, head to Cubix and finish the race.
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