July 17, 2024


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Why do brands prefer Instagram over other Social Media Platforms?

Social media is experiencing massive growth, with over four billion people. The vast social media web makes it (Why do brands prefer Instagram over other Social Media Platforms?) simple to establish connections with potential customers. Yet, even within this crowd, there’s one platform with huge potential that can leave competitors behind.

I won’t bother you about how addicting Instagram is today

Instagram has strengthened its grip and is now outshining the other big players. It is a source of evergreen and current content that is available from stories, posts, reels, guides, and so on, offering you an endless opportunity to create a brand unlike any other.

Here are the most recent social media stats that prove the drumming

Over 1.15 billion people utilize Instagram each month.

90% of users of Instagram have at least one account for business.

Eighty-three percent of Instagram users find new services and products on Instagram.

50 percent of Instagram users are more interested in brands when they are exposed to ads on Instagram

Five percent of the micro-influencers think they have the best engagement on Instagram.

These Instagram stats clearly show its exponential growth rate. There is no wonder that the most prominent brands choose Instagram over other social media platforms for promoting the products or services they offer. To get real Instagram followers visit comprar seguidores instagram portugal now. Reaching out to potential customers to build a massive following of brand ambassadors is now easy.

What’s the problem?

Since over 54.8 percent of the web’s traffic is generated by mobile devices. While the figure fell during the third month of 2018, the number eventually returned to its previous level.

Statistics on mobile traffic statistics for website visitors

But there’s more to this story. According to a Tech Crunch report, users worldwide will spend on average 4.2 hours with mobile apps every day by 2021. Several studies have revealed that more people engage in social media on mobile devices. Therefore, it is evident that the application that controls all phones requires to receive the most excellent attention.

Instagram has always attracted more mobile users with its UI geared towards smartphones. It’s no wonder that Instagram is the second most-loved platform, with 84% of users engaging.

Increase Brand Reach

With the continuous release of new and exciting features and weighing the impact of the pandemic, the number of Instagram users is likely to rise to new levels.

What is the point of caring over Instagram when Facebook boasts more than 2.5 billion active monthly users?

Ten million advertisers use Facebook to connect with their intended audience. However, Facebook’s recent update to its algorithm for news feeds has made it more difficult for brands and advertisers to be noticed and heard.

However, when compared with Facebook, Instagram has over 2 million monthly users. This means that you have lower competition on Instagram and more potential for marketing success. Furthermore, the Reel update to Instagram will likely create a sensation overnight, increasing your reach exponentially.


Framebridge, an online framing service, has reached out to thousands of users with regular Reels posting. Check out this brief image of Framebridge feed with a massive reach.

Increase Visibility through Visual Content

It shouldn’t be a shock to learn that images are ideal for conveying your message to the right people. This is why marketers favor using visuals as part of their marketing on social networks strategy. Instagram is the top choice for choosing the right social platform for such an enthralling type of marketing.

The news feed on Instagram is full of interactive images. Using a free Instagram scheduling tool is quite helpful to share content in timely fashion capabilities without degrading the quality. According to a BuzzSumo study, posts on Facebook through Instagram receive more attention than photos posted directly.

Images post via Instagram.

According to Social Media Today’s predictions, Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform globally. These figures demonstrate that Instagram can help you present your brand’s image effectively worldwide. To maximize your use of Instagram, do not forget to include relevant hashtags in your posts. Hashtags aid in getting your posts found by Instagram users by using search to increase visibility by 3X.

Get the most out of Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories

Today’s consumers want or insist that brands tell authentic stories which resonate with them. Naturally, this prompts companies to incorporate storytelling into their conversations with their audience. When it comes to telling stories by brands, Instagram will be the social media platform that takes the spotlight. Instagram Stories have led to the increase of 7-10 minutes in the amount of time an average user of the app every day. At present, there are greater than 500 million users on Instagram Stories.


Instagram Stories can open up a wide range of possibilities for companies. In addition, you can utilize geo-location tagging and hashtags, text, and shoppable features. You can also promote ads on Stories.

Instagram hasn’t stopped here. However, it didn’t stop there. In 2020, the platform launched the first TikTok-like feature called Reels. It’s yet another way for companies to connect with the massive audience on the app. Learn how to utilize Instagram reels to promote your business. Try it out and see the most benefit of your brand’s storytelling to the general public.

Have you heard that over 500 million users use Instagram regularly?

But, it’s not just the sheer volume of users who are awed by the platform. The ability of the platform to attract leads with the highest rates of engagement on published content is worth the effort. Here’s what micro-influencers have had to share concerning engagement with Instagram. In a poll conducted by Bloglovin, most influencers started that Instagram was the best platform to engage people.


Engagement rates are crucial to consider when choosing influencers to use in your campaigns. Due to the growing popularity and growth of Instagram, it has seen an increase in underhanded methods too. Certain companies provide followers for a fee. However, paying followers are not always authentic and usually consists of bots and fake accounts.

If you decide to select influencers to promote your campaign, look at their engagement rates, which are higher than their followers. The higher the rate of engagement, the more likely an influencer is authentic and authentic. You can look up relevant influencers within your field and assess their engagement levels and reach. You can also monitor and evaluate your campaigns efficiently and adjust them in real-time.

A Hubspot article claims that even although Facebook has two times more than its monthly audience, Instagram generates 23% more engagement than Facebook. Therefore, it’s the ideal option for all marketers.

Generate Higher Conversion Rates

Whatever kind of business you operate, improving conversion rates must be the top priority, as social media could generate a wealth of leads and referral traffic. You can get exclusive updates about Instagram by visiting comprar seguidores instagram Based on a study done according to a study by Shopify, the conversion rate of eCommerce companies through Instagram is 1.08 percent. Additionally, the traffic generated by Instagram is averaging a purchase amount of $65.

This is a lot higher than in comparison with Twitter or LinkedIn. What is the most exciting part?

Instagram can still deliver such astounding results even though you can’t utilize clickable links everywhere within the app. Clickable links are only available in bios, shoppable feeds, and stories. This helps make Instagram less annoying for users and reduces click costs for marketers. In all likelihood, Instagram is an undisputed success in improving conversion rates and increasing sales.

Final Opinion

Once you’ve uncovered the actual advantages of using Instagram, how can you ensure you remain ahead of your competition? You can quickly increase your visibility with the help of connecting your Instagram accounts to Scial Pilot and automating the uploading process schedules, publishing, and scheduling on Instagram.

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