June 17, 2024


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Why Choose CBSE curriculum from the Best Schools in Dubai?

You can easily confuse between different curriculums that local schools follow. After some time, it also becomes difficult to keep track of these curriculums.

But one school that you must have heard all the time that many parents and children prefer over other CBSE schools. It should also not come as a surprise, considering it is one of the oldest and most well-sought after Indian curricula followed by several among the best schools in Dubai.

As parents, we know that you are always concerned. The main reason is that your child’s education during their early years of academics plays a vital role in their growth and development.

CBSE is a curriculum followed by several states and private schools in India. The main reason is that their curriculum is designed to give more preference to practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge.

This helps the children learn more about various aspects of nature, science, and social studies than other students of their age group might not even be exposed to.

There are several boards that the Indian education system follows, such as State Boards, Central Boards (CBSE), and International Baccalaureate (IB). But today, we will discuss why you must consider sending your child to CBSE schools, which are considered among the best schools in Dubai.

4 reasons to follow CBSE Curriculum from Top schools in Dubai.

1- The CBSE school’s curriculum are recognized by the Indian Government

The history of CBSE schools is very interesting. It was founded in 1929, then the condition of the Board was amended in 1952, and in 1989 CBSE started to function from its high-rise building in Delhi.

Since then, it has established itself in a position of authority and is considered a well-respected curriculum by several major educational institutions worldwide. The education pattern is the same, but the method of teachings for each grade is different.

The highlight is that it is customized as per the children’s understanding. It is governed according to the Indian Government’s guidelines. Currently, the chairperson of CBSE is Sh. Manoj Ahuja, IAS. Such well-respected personnel is in charge of CBSE, so its level of sophistication is pretty understandable.

2- It is called the best school in Dubai because it focuses on overall growth

The CBSE schools not just set a high standard of education, but their curriculum also enhances students’ mental and physical development. The students are not just tailored to study their textbook and score marks.

The CBSE curriculum encourages the students to participate in several competitions apart from their academics. This helps the students pursue their passion, and it gives them a chance to explore the items around the world and learn more about the practical working of things than theoretical.

The CBSE curriculum does not tie the children to their desks and chairs and expects them to learn about everything. They believe in evoking curiosity among the students and giving them a chance to explore the world around them.

They believe in letting the children spend more time focusing on extracurricular activities than just memorizing what’s in the textbook.

3- They follow an easier exam pattern

The exam schedule of CBSE curriculum schools is very sophisticated, easy and it doesn’t put a lot of stress on the students. Their curriculum has always believed in prioritizing the students’ knowledge rather than testing their memory power.

The students, during their exams, need to answer the question to the point rather than make up stories around the concept. They do not get a chance to cook up elaborate stories.

The marks are awarded for properly writing the steps and reaching a conclusion rather than simply shortcuts.

4- CBSE has always followed a consistent curriculum

Unlike the state boards where each state gets to draft its rules and regulations around the curriculum, you will find the CBSE curriculum remains constant throughout every school. The main reason is that it is recognized by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

Willing students from non-affiliated schools can also take their exams and score well if they have prepared well. The students get this freedom only with this Board. As parents, you can see this education is consistent and more sophisticated.

The main goal of any CBSE school is not just to help you achieve your academic goals but to assist you in becoming a master of craft, art, sports, music, dance, etc. The curriculum is properly structured, and several great educational minds of the nation have sat behind this Board and helped it achieve the recognition it has today.


If you feel your child will learn more about core subjects like Mathematics and Science and less pressure about other subjects, then the CBSE curriculum is perfect for your child. Help your child become the best version of themselves by enrolling them in Global Indian International School.