June 16, 2024


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What Is the Reason to Choose Beecraft for Plastic Crate and Recycled Plastic Pallets?

Beecraft’s Plastic crates are containers that are used to carry or move products from one location to another. They are also used for storage and are made of plastic wholly or partially. The primary material is plastic, which gives it a distinct personality as well as durability. They are more expensive than timber or carton crates since they have a longer life expectancy than conventional crates. 

Our Most Plastic Crates are made of high-density polyethylene or polypropylene. Although polypropylene has a stronger scratch resistance, polyethylene has a higher impact strength and very little UV degradation. Closed plastic crates have detachable or hinged lids, whilst open crates may or may not have covers and may or may not have a grid pattern to allow for clear visibility of the contents.

Use of Our Plastic Crate

Beecraft delivery and food service industries both have a significant demand for plastic boxes. The bulk of food items are transported in plastic food crates, including dairy products, bread, beverages, meats, fish, and other meals. Plastic crates are often used in areas such as warehousing facilities to organize, store, and transport products. 

Beecraft has evolved in tandem with market demands for plastic crates for all types of storage applications around the world, and it now sells products to a wide range of organizations, including, but not limited to, flour mills, pharmaceutical companies, and dairy farms. So, if you require plastic crates in bulk, please contact us or visit our website.

What is the Recycled Plastic Pallets?

Recycled Plastic Pallets produced from recycling code 2 plastics such as plastic bottles, corrosion-resistant pipework, Geo membranes, and plastic lumber. Polypropylene is comparable to polyethylene, except it is harder, more rigid, and can withstand greater temperatures. It also holds more weight and performs effectively when no centre support is required. 

Beecraft’s Pellets of Various Colors These mixed-color high-density recycled polyethylene pellets are ideal for use in tubing, plastic lumber, furniture, profiles, and other applications. The environmental advantages of our products over wood vertically stacked colorful plastic pallets are obvious. 

Our reusable plastic pallets are made using a proprietary manufacturing process that allows their raw materials to be reused with no loss of durability. These raw materials require little processing and no thermal treatment, significantly reducing costs. So if you want the Recycled Plastic Pallets, then contact Beecraft’s.

Why choose Beecraft for the Plastic Crate and Recycled Plastic Pallets?

The primary purpose of Beecraft UK is to determine the demands of each industry area and give its customers with high-quality solutions that best match their specific needs. Beecraft takes pride not just in its ability to serve a large portion of the plastics market, but also in its dedication to maintaining a continuously high level of customer satisfaction. So, if you require Plastic pallets in the UK, please visit our website and get in touch with us.