April 23, 2024


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Water Logic Provides The Best Mineral Water Plants In Pakistan


Mineral Water Plants in Pakistan

Water logic is a leading manufacturer of mineral water plants in Pakistan and a pioneer in the field of mineral water plants in Pakistan. As people are becoming more and more health conscious, the demand for bottled water is rapidly increasing. Bottled water is easy to transport and guarantees the quality of water.

With our years of experience in pure water production, we have developed a comprehensive and cost-effective package to optimize investment costs. Our packages are delivered in modules so that they can be expanded at a later date as demand increases.

We treat water using a variety of processes and process combinations to ensure the end product meets the highest standards. We also offer the best domestic reverse osmosis systems in Pakistan.

Our bottled water plants include

Water treatment plants

Bottling Plants

How to register a water utility in Pakistan?

Water treatment plants in Pakistan

Chemical analysis is performed to determine the specifications of the treatment plant. At the treatment plant, raw water is stored in a tank and first filtered through a sand filter.

In the next step, the water passes through a metering pump I, which injects chlorine to remove bacteria from the water.

After chlorination, the water is filtered through a carbon filter. This helps maintain the smell and taste of the water. Chlorine is also removed

from the water.

The water is also passed through a metering pump II, to which sodium metabisulfite is added. This removes chlorine from the water.

The water is then filtered and passed through a metering pump III, to which Anticalin is added. This protects the membrane from calcium, magnesium and biological growth.

The water is then passed into the reverse osmosis module. At this stage, the water is cleaned of all impurities and particles.

In the next stage, the water passes through a drip pump to which minerals are added to extract flavor. This is followed by UV treatment to prevent contamination by bacteria and other microorganisms.

In the final stage, it passes through an automatic washing, filling and capping system. Here, the product is bottled.

After bottling, the bottles are taken to a warehouse or delivered to retailers. This is the complete process of a mineral water plant in Pakistan.

Process of bottled water processing plant in Pakistan

This feasibility study proposes the installation of a reverse osmosis plant with a processing capacity of 5,000 gallons per day. This reverse osmosis plant was assembled by Water logic using some imported components. Depending on the investment budget, these components can be manufactured in China, Germany, Taiwan or Italy.

Mineral Water Factories in Pakistan

This is a comprehensive price guide for mineral water plants in Pakistan. How to register a water company in Pakistan? This is a frequently asked question. Therefore, we have tried to provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you start a profitable business.