May 28, 2024


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Virtual Reality in Fashion Industry: Will it be game changer?

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Is Virtual Reality in Fashion Industry for real?

Will it really be worthy of incorporating?

Let’s take a look at the fashion industry. The current fashion market is valued at $1.46 trillion, with the global fashion e-commerce market accounting for $668.1 billion.

There is no secret that e-commerce changed the entire face of the fashion industry. But stepping one step ahead is a “mantra” for success in this competitive world.

However, it is not always easy.

But can Virtual reality help you to achieve your goal?

How is the Fashion industry changing?

Fashion has always been defined as being ephemeral. It is an industry that constantly introduces new trends, concepts, and innovations and a new wave of collections for all seasons. With new technologies and changing customer trends and wants, the industry is transforming and shifting gears.

In the last 2 years, world patterns have been changed, and we have witnessed many things due to rapid technological advancements, traditional purchasing patterns, and consumer attitudes toward purchases.

  • Customers are no longer loyal to brands.
  • Gimmicks are an essential tool in the business world.
  • Gamification of a product is enthralling and a temptation that attracts people to try something new.

Witness a Virtual reality Fashion show with 3D animation

Virtual Reality in Fashion Industry

Monalisa can spend thousand years in the same black outfit, but definitely, an average person at least has 148 pieces in their closet.

The New York Fashion Week was held in Milan in 2017. The visitor has the option of virtually participating in the show. The organizers created a totally immersive virtual reality experience using virtual reality headsets. Exhibitors could bring their New York audiences to Milan due to the event.

Visitors could view collections in 360 degrees and even interact with them.

Anyone watching the virtual reality fashion show felt utterly immersed in the experience. It was totally recreated in a virtual reality setting.

What Statistics Say about Fashion Sector?

  • The global Fashion industry is estimated at 3 trillion dollars which is 2 % of World GDP (Gross domestic product)
  • The retail value of luxury goods have a $339.4 billion market cost
  • The Value of the men’s wear industry has a market value of $402 billion
  • The market value of the women’s wear industry is over $621 billion
  • The Bridal wear market estimated at $ 57billion
  • The Children’s wear market was estimated at $ 186 billion
  • The Value of the sports footwear market was estimated at $ 90.4 billion

Virtual Reality technology for fashion

The report says 81% of customers want to try out a product before buying it. Virtual Reality is the answer to this problem.

Try on with Virtual Trial Rooms.

In this day and age, virtual-try-on has been increasingly popular in the fashion industry over the previous few years. It digitally simulates textile activity on the human body. They enable the virtual application of fabric objects to digital human body models. This application is specifically created to determine how the material item will act on the digital figure with accuracy and precision.

Retailers can use augmented reality to provide virtual try-on experiences to customers and entice them into the store. It can convey an accurate impression of the product’s appearance, size, and feel.

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Fitting issues? – here we are with Virtual Fitting rooms

Customers can try on clothing, shoes, and other items on a 3D avatar without having to wear them. As a result, augmented reality for clothes delivers a tailored and engaging experience for customers and brands. GAP was one of the first and most well-known apparel companies to explore augmented reality clothes. Users can try a dress in a virtual mirror with GAP’s Dressing Room App.


Have your personalized -Virtual Tailor

Fit Freedom is one of the most well-known clothes companies that use this method. Fit Freedom is a unique body measurement tool that streamlines the online garment purchase process. The program takes the user’s measurements, transforms them across multiple product lines, and makes custom-fitting clothing.

As a result of this application, it is now feasible to quickly and easily obtain body measurements by developing a 3D fit model that advises the shopper’s size across the platform’s various merchants.


Change a look- a virtual makeover for you.

Virtual makeover solutions allow users to edit or add a variety of aspects to their virtual styling of persons in the face region, such as virtual make-up, haircuts, and accessories. The attraction of the human face can be electronically altered by adding digitally to a digitized 3D human face, haircuts, or glasses, and one can acquire a sense of proper attire.


Enhanced Customer engagement 

Customers will be drawn to the VR features because they are distinctive. The challenge of engaging new clients to the store comes next in the funnels once the customers are aware of the store and the product. One strategy to engage customers is to employ augmented reality to provide exciting shopping experiences. The consumer would like to shop there and stay engaged to make them feel like they are incredibly essential to the store.

Businesses can also highlight such features on social media to attract more attention. Customers will be able to keep up with the newest fashion trends and make service-related modifications with only a few clicks.

Blockchain development companies in India and their custom Virtual Reality development services benefit the fashion sector. It allows you to shine brightly like a star in the fashion industry.

To create a genuinely exceptional product, you’ll need cutting-edge tools and technologies at first; and a professional team with extensive expertise dealing with virtual reality software, particularly when it comes to incorporating fashion with VR secondly.

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