July 15, 2024


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Understand accident insurance policy and how it works?

We understand that accidents  sometimes happen in life. When they do happen, a supplemental accident insurance policy helps protect your finances until you get back on your feet. Your health insurance may cover the costs of a fall from a ladder or a sports injury, but accident insurance can help fill in the gaps by providing cash benefits for additional expenses while you recover from your injuries.

How accident insurance works

Accident insurance policy pays cash benefits for injuries resulting from an accident. You pay a monthly premium for coverage, so you’re prepared when those unexpected life events come your way. Even if your medical insurance covers 100% of your medical costs for the accident, you can still receive benefits from your accident insurance plan.

What does accident insurance cover?

Each accident insurance plan differs according to the injuries covered by the plan, the severity of the injury, and the treatments for recovery. Here are some of the injuries that accident insurance may cover:

  • Accident-related injuries such as broken or dislocated bones, burns, dental and eye injuries
  • ambulance services
  • Emergency room care or urgent care
  • Diagnostic tests such as X-rays and CT scans
  • Hospital treatment and surgical medical care for injuries
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Understanding the details of your plan’s coverage can help ensure you have protection for you and your family.

Questions to ask you when deciding on accident insurance coverage

  • What injuries does the plan cover?
  • What injuries are not covered?
  • How quickly do you receive your payment when an accident occurs?
  • Will you receive a one-time payment or monthly payments?
  • Is a medical exam required to qualify for the plan?

How to use accident insurance benefits

Most accident insurance plans generally go into effect within a few days of application and payment is made directly to you. There are no deductibles, copays, or coinsurance. Once you receive your benefits, you can use the cash to cover many of the costs incurred while you recover from the injury.

  • Cost of living expenses while you recover
  • home care for you
  • Day care for your children while you recover
  • Transportation to rehabilitation or treatment centers
  • Medical expenses not covered by health insurance
  • Deductibles and out-of-pocket costs of your health insurance plan

Is it worth having accident insurance?

The monthly premiums for most accident insurance plans tend to be low-cost, making them a cost-effective addition to your health insurance coverage. You may consider accident insurance if you and your family lead an active lifestyle, your health insurance offers only limited coverage, or if out-of-pocket costs from an accident would be expensive under your current health insurance plan.

Complete health insurance with complementary insurance coverage

Accident insurance is just one of many supplemental insurance plans that can supplement your health insurance coverage. Serious illness and hospitalization are some of the possibilities you may want to consider when supplementing your health insurance plan. Critical illness insurance pays cash benefits when you’re diagnose with a critical illness, helping you pay for bills and essential services you may need, like home care, while you recover from a medical problem.

Hospital indemnity insurance pays cash benefits that can cover hospital stays due to an injury or illness, as well as expenses while you recover at home.

Choosing the right accident insurance plan

Anthem can help you select an accident insurance plan that fits the lifestyle of you and your family. Learn more about how supplemental insurance and your health insurance plan can work together to help protect you against the unexpected.