July 12, 2024


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Top Yoga Myths Debunked For Better Practice

yoga myths

Yoga gained a lot of popularity in the recent few years. Nearly 80 million Americans have started a yoga practice. That is just from one country. Data reveals thousands of yoga practitioners head on to a yoga journey every year in India. However, with so much information, you cannot stay from myths, rumors, and misinformation. So, here are some of the common yoga myths debunked.

Go through them to ensure you have not built a stereotype in your mind about yoga and its practices. Moreover, debunking yoga myths boosts your knowledge. In short, you gain a new perspective and intellect about yoga practice. So, don’t miss out on even a single point. Read on.

Most Common Yoga Myths Debunked

Yoga Only Makes Your Flexible

One of the most believed myths about yoga is that practicing yoga only makes you flexible. Well, that is not even the one percent of what yoga offers you.

No doubt practicing yoga poses improves your flexibility. However, it does not stop right there. You become mobile, agile, and strong as well.

Also, you gain a toned and fit body that gives you proper posture to do everyday tasks. In short, yoga helps you gain overall physical as well as mental health. Moreover, you can join a 200 hour yoga teacher training to learn the basics of yoga and enhance your flexibility.

Only For Skinny & Flexible People

An inexperienced person thinks only skinny and flexible people can practice yoga. However, that is not the case. Rather, even chubby people practice yoga on regular basis.

People having heavy bones or into heavy weight lifting sports also practice yoga. That does not mean they cannot practice yoga. Moreover, fat people practice yoga more to lose weight.

As far as flexibility is concerned, anyone can become flexible with regular yoga practice. Hence, it is one of the most common yoga myths debunked so that you don’t have any misconceptions in mind.

Yoga Isn’t Manly

People used to believe that yoga is not manly enough. That means only women should practice yoga. However, if you look a little deeper, most yoga trainers are male.

Male models and professional athletes practice yoga. Also, in ancient times, Gurukul incorporated yoga practice into the daily routine.

Hence, it is wrong to call yoga a womanly sport or exercise only. Hence, this is one of the major yoga myths debunked for the sake of genuine knowledge.

Yoga Demands Lifestyle Change

People believe that before starting a yoga practice, you need to change your lifestyle. That means you have to leave all your belongings and the people you love. You even need to leave your home and live in the mountains to practice yoga.

However, that is utterly wrong. You can become a yogi without leaving anything in your life. All you have to do is learn yoga from a yoga master and inculcate it into your life.

In case you are unaware of where to find a yoga master, you should consider joining 300 hour yoga teacher training. It not only help you learn yoga but also makes you eligible to earn a yoga teacher certification.

You Might Suck at Yoga

One of the yoga myths debunked is that you suck at yoga practice. However, there is no such thing as bad at yoga practice.

Even if you practice the simplest yoga poses, you are still better than others who are not even moving a single finger. So, you should not think twice about whether you are bad at yoga practice.

Practicing Yoga is 100% Safe

While practicing yoga, you use your body. So, it might sound totally safe. However, that is not the case. Rather, you might fall victim to injuries and muscle tears if you do not follow a proper process.

In short, there is a way to practice every yoga technique. Using the wrong form or pushing too much can harm you. So, believing yoga is 100% safe is one of the yoga myths debunked.

Wrap Up

Yoga has a long history and more than that, it takes a lot of time to become a yoga master. People dedicate their lives to just mastering one yoga form. Some even join a 500 hour yoga teacher training course to boost up their learning. Following the right knowledge is crucial to be on the safer side, whether it is yoga or anything else. So, make sure you first learn and then practice yoga for a healthier life.