July 17, 2024


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Tips for submitting an insurance claim so you don’t get rejected

Making an insurance claim is not a matter that can be underestimated, because the process may not run smoothly. Several conditions can cause an insurance claim to be disapproved, so you have to pay attention to various important things.

Lapse Policy

A lapse or inactive policy will make the car insurance claim that you submit rejected by the insurance company. This happens usually due to arrears in premium payments for months. If the condition of the policy is not active, the insurer will be reluctant to pay the insurance claim.

Previous Damage

When your car has been damaged before filing an insurance claim, it will not be able to get a claim. You must register an insurance claim when the car is in top condition, so you can use the insurance when there is damage to the car.

Violate Applicable Rules

Insurance claims will usually be rejected by the insurance if you violate the applicable traffic rules. These violations include parking in an inappropriate location and drinking alcohol while driving. If you are driving recklessly and an accident occurs, the insurance claim can be denied.

The policy is not in a waiting period

The waiting period will usually last for a month after the car insurance policy is issued. Car owners cannot file insurance claims during the waiting period. If the car is already damaged, the insurance company will not provide an insurance claim.

Accidentally Damaged Car

A car that is damaged intentionally will not get an insurance claim from the insurance company. Car damage is usually the result of accidentally crashing a car with another car or hitting a vehicle on purpose. Deliberate conditions will prevent you from getting an insurance claim.

Unreported Additional Accessories

When you add car accessories, you should report them to the insurance company by attaching the coverage value. This will apply when you make an insurance claim, so you can get cover directly from the insurance.

Incomplete Documents

If you submit an insurance claim with incomplete documents, the insurance application will be 100% rejected. We recommend that you prepare the necessary documents properly so that insurance claims can be obtained quickly.