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The Best RO Plants In Pakistan Is Offered By Water Logic

RO plants

Price of reverse osmosis plants in Pakistan for domestic, commercial and industrial use

Here is the price list of reverse osmosis plants in Pakistan for Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Find the latest prices of reverse osmosis equipment in Pakistan for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

The price of domestic RO Plant Price in Pakistan may be cheaper and lower than the price of commercial reverse osmosis equipment because domestic reverse osmosis equipment is used for domestic purposes only, while commercial reverse osmosis equipment is used for commercial purposes.

What is reverse osmosis water unit?

If you are frustrated with your current clean water situation, reverse osmosis (RO) is exactly what you need. Reverse osmosis units use the latest water purification technology to remove contaminating viruses and grains from drinking water. Reverse osmosis can remove a wide range of dissolved and suspended substances, including bacteria, from water and is used in both industrial processes and drinking water production.

Unit price of reverse osmosis in Pakistan for domestic/household use:

The prices of reverse osmosis units for domestic use in Pakistan start from 20,000 to 80,000. Note that this is an indicative price, which may increase depending on the quality of the product, quantity of water and technology.

Reverse osmosis plant price in Pakistan for commercial/industrial use:

As mentioned above, the price of commercial reverse osmosis plants is much higher than that of domestic plants. The price of an industrial reverse osmosis plant ranges from 100,000 to 100,000,000. Prices can vary depending on the technology, additives and the amount of water to be treated.

Disadvantages of reverse osmosis systems:

Domestic reverse osmosis systems consume a lot of water due to low backpressure. As a result, they can only regenerate 5-15% of the water entering the system. The rest is disposed of as wastewater. Due to the impurities in the wastewater, there are no practical methods of water recovery in domestic systems.

Wastewater is usually connected to the domestic sewerage system and sent to a domestic wastewater treatment plant. A reverse osmosis system producing 19 liters of treated water per day can discharge 75-340 liters of wastewater per day.

Large industrial and domestic plants typically recover 75-80% or even 90% of the raw water because they are able to generate the high pressure required for reverse osmosis filtration, resulting in a higher recovery rate. On the other hand, as the recovery rate of industrial wastewater increases, the pollutant removal efficiency decreases, which is reflected in the total dissolved solids content of the wastewater.

Due to the thin membrane structure, reverse osmosis not only removes harmful pollutants from water, but can also remove many beneficial minerals from water. Several peer-reviewed studies have investigated the long-term health benefits of drinking desalinated water.

This guide has been compiled with the price range of the product in mind. If you think we missed something, or if you would like to share your thoughts, please use the comments section below.

Price of a domestic reverse osmosis unit in Pakistan with Water Logic

Home reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane that acts as a barrier against contaminants in water. Only H2O passes through the membrane and larger molecules such as contaminants or minerals are trapped. We offer the best water filters at domestic prices in Pakistan.

Need the best water filtration system in Pakistan?

If you are considering installing a water filtration system to meet your household’s need for quality water for cooking and drinking, there is no better solution than a reverse osmosis system that provides safe and odorless tasteless water. Water Logic is the best site to find prices for reverse osmosis systems for home use in Pakistan.

Water purification systems for domestic use in Pakistan

When you turn on the tap of the reverse osmosis filter, the purified water in the storage tank passes through an additional carbon filter called a polishing filter or post-filter. The filter also removes odor and taste residue so you only get clean, clear, clear, delicious water free of chemicals and other contaminants.