July 17, 2024


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Pet Insurance for Birds: Everything You Need to Know

When people think of pet insurance, they usually imagine getting it for a family dog ​​or cat. Few people consider the possibility of other pets – everything from guinea pigs to real pigs – potentially also covered by the policy.

That includes birds – and why not? These animals last a long time and can become very entwined in the lives of their owners, so it makes sense that they need sometimes expensive medical treatment and the owners are more than willing to pay for it.

If you have a pet bird, pet insurance is worth exploring. In this guide, we fill in all the things you need to know about protecting your birds.

Do You Need Pet Insurance for Your Birds?

The need for pet insurance is a controversial topic and ultimately becomes a personal choice. Would you rather have a manageable expense each month, or would you rather take the chance that your bird won’t need expensive medical treatment?

In general, birds are healthy pets when cared for properly. However, when they fall ill or are injured, the condition can be costly.

That’s true because many veterinarians don’t see birds often. You may have to look around to find someone who specializes in birds, and they may not be the cheapest doctor in your area. If so, having insurance to cover the cost can help.

The typical cost for a vet visit for your bird is a hundred dollars or more, and some treatments can run into thousands of dollars. If your bird is prone to accidents (and some birds), these visits may be done regularly.

Also, remember that many birds live longer than other pets – sometimes decades longer. That creates more chances for something to go wrong.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost for Birds?

The premium cost for your bird will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the company you choose, the coverage you want, and the species you own.

However, typically, most premiums start from $ 10 to $ 50 a month. Expect that number to increase as your bird’s increase, and the number could increase slightly if your pet has a serious condition that requires ongoing care (and that’s if your insurance company decides to continue to cover you at all).

Using simple back-to-back math, we can see that at high levels, pet insurance can cost around $ 600 per year. Since some treatments can cost more than the treatment itself, this is only necessary to consider the possibility of your bird needing expensive medical treatment.

Unfortunately, waiting too long can have serious consequences. If your birds get sick or injured before they are insured, your premium costs will skyrocket (and many companies will refuse to insure you at all). Also, the older the bird, the more valuable your policy will be.

What is Covered by Premium Account?

There is no “typical” policy for birds and other exotic pets; each company has different policy options, and many companies do not protect these animals at all.

A large number of companies will work with you to give you whatever coverage you want (of course at a price). Common things that are usually covered by a pet insurance policy include:

  • Veterinarian visit
  • Prescription drugs
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory fees
  • X-ray
  • Hospital stay

Some policies are directed to preventative protection; this includes a strong incentive to bring your birds for routine checkups and make sure they stay fit and healthy, as this can reduce their risk of needing expensive medical treatment down the road.

Others are primarily devoted to disaster. This will cover things like certain accidents and illnesses, but may not help much at all when it comes time to pay for checkups and medications.

Does Every Pet Insurance Company Offer Bird Protection?

No, birds are usually considered “exotic pets”, and they are paired with lizards, snakes, guinea pigs, etc.

Not every company offers exotic pet coverage; there is more money to protect cats and dogs. Expenses associated with non -traditional pets are less predictable than expenses associated with their more familiar companions.

A large number of top companies will have a selection of exotic pets, and some of the smaller organizations may even specialize in exotic animals. The important thing is to make sure that the company will cover what you need at a price you can afford and you can rely on it to be there for you when you need it.

To the last point, you should research before signing up to get a policy. See what kind of experience others have with the company to make sure it gets your support in an emergency.

Having a sick or injured pet is quite stressful. You don’t need your insurance company to make things worse.

What Should You Look For When Buying Bird Pet Insurance?

Naturally, the first thing you should do is confirm that the company covers birds. You should go a step further and make sure it covers your specific bird species – not every company will make sure every type of bird.

If your pet is older or has a pre-existing condition, you should see if the company will still accept you (and how much it costs to do so). Some companies don’t care about health or age problems before, while others will exclude you outright.

Once you know that the company offers a policy that will help you, you should look at the type of coverage it provides. This will be a matter of personal choice; some people enjoy comprehensive coverage (and don’t mind paying more), while others prefer a lower premium that will only cover them in the event of a disaster.

Read on to find out what the policy is on payment. Some companies pay your veterinarian in advance, while others require you to pay and then pay it later. If the company pays later, find out how much later and what kind of documentation you need to provide. Some companies make you jump around to get your money back.

Do your research to see what kind of experience other customers have about payments. Does the company pay on time? Is the customer service representative friendly and knowledgeable? After all, you don’t need your insurance company to make your life harder – that’s the opposite of what they should do.

Is Pet Insurance Right For You?

Pet insurance can be useful in the midst of a crisis, but it’s not right for everyone. You should sit down and review various policies (and some numbers) to see if insuring your birds makes sense in your situation.

If there’s one thing we can promise you about pet insurance, it’s that if you have it, you won’t need it – and if you don’t have it, you end up hoping you do. This is one of the laws of the universe.