April 23, 2024


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Molly International Offers the Finest Retro Shades, Phone Cases, and Business Briefcases

Retro shades or sunglasses are popular styles from previous decades. Aviator, oversized, wayfarer, and wraparound glasses are among the styles available. Retro glasses are typically worn in conjunction with vintage clothing to create a vintage look.

Despite the fact that eyewear brands and luxury labels release new sunglasses collections every year, a pair of sunglasses can only go so far. Many of the styles we love today originated in the 1950s and 1960s, with chunky square frames and double bridges, or cat eyes and circular styles. ‘Retro,’ then, is somewhat subjective – but there are certain styles that seem to be associated with specific eras in history. So we chose some of our favourite retro-styled sunglasses on the market today from a variety of eyewear upstarts and legacy brands.

Another reason you might want to start wearing Retro shades is that they have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are seen in magazines and on celebrities and other famous people, and they have become popularised after previously being unpopular. Here at Molly International, you can get the finest quality retro sunglasses that can match quality standards.

We Offer the Best Phone Cases

Let me tell you when you spend thousands of dollars on a new smartphone, a little extra money for the phone’s safety won’t hurt, and, to be honest, smart phone cases aren’t useless; they have a lot of benefits. Smartphones are so commonly used these days that there is a high risk of them falling over and sometimes worsening their condition. This is where mobile covers come in, and they play an important role in keeping them safe. A mobile case can be very useful these days, which is why manufacturers are mass producing them.

Molly International has always been the best brand among the youths, with several models covers such as iPhone covers, Samsung covers, Xiaomi covers, Realme covers, One Plus covers, Oppo covers, and so on.

Molly International provides Ideal Business Briefcases

There are a few essentials in every great business briefcase . It should ideally have a dedicated laptop sleeve for your precious Macbook, as well as compartments for chargers, small electronics, notebooks, and pens. It should have enough space for your water bottle—hydration is critical!—and be light enough to carry that your arm doesn’t feel like lead by the time you get to work.


Most importantly, it must be visually appealing. You don’t want to look like a kid dressed in his father’s clothes while carrying a briefcase. You desire a briefcase that is modern, fresh, and distinctively you. A briefcase like one of these awaits you at Molly International.

We make it simple to buy globally themed gifts and accessories from a fun store! With a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that is accessible to all. Presently, Molly International is on a mission to make our customers happy by providing them with affordable goods that will inspire you, make you feel good, and that you will enjoy. We invite you to shop at Molly International for Men, Women, and Pets as we continue to provide our customers with a great shopping experience.

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