May 28, 2024


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Laptop or Tablet? 4 Questions to Help You Decide

Tablets have improved so much in the last few years and now some of the high-end ones are just as powerful as a mid-range laptop. If you are considering replacing your computer, you might be considering a tablet instead of a new laptop. However, is it the right option for you? 

There is no short answer here because it all depends on how you use your computer. Everybody has different priorities in terms of power, screen size, resolution, and portability. So, how do you know if a laptop or a tablet is right for you?

Do You Watch Movies and Play Games?

As a general rule, tablets are better for entertainment purposes. If you watch a lot of movies or play games regularly, having a nice tablet with a big screen and good resolution is better than a laptop. The keyboard isn’t that necessary if you are only using it for entertainment purposes, and the touchscreen on a laptop is preferable.

That said, you need to consider what kind of games you play. If you play a lot of simple mobile games, tablets are ideal. However, they won’t be powerful enough to run brand new AAA games that require a lot of processing power. In that case, you should invest in a dedicated gaming laptop.

Do You Use It for Work?

If your computer is mainly used for work purposes, a laptop is usually better than a tablet. You’ll need to type a lot and you will need something powerful enough to run various applications you may need for work. Usually, you’ll be sitting at a desk too, so having an attached keyboard isn’t a problem. There are exceptions, of course, depending on your job. If you’re a designer or a photographer, for example, a tablet can be useful because they’re good for editing and designing software.

How Important Is Portability?

The major benefit of tablets is that they are more portable. You don’t have an attached keyboard and they are usually quite thin, so they can easily slip into your bag and go with you. For some people, this is very important. If you like to use your computer on your daily commute, for example, a tablet is best. However, if you only tend to use it at home anyway, a laptop will do just fine. 

What About a 2-In-1 Laptop Tablet

In recent years, there have been some great 2-in-1 products released. Brands like Lenovo do some excellent tablet laptops with a removable keyboard, so you can have the best of both worlds. These are becoming popular because most people use their computers for a variety of different things. You might use it for work during the day and entertainment at night. In this case, a 2-in-1 is the way to go. For people that work from home and use their personal computers for work, a 2-in-1 is also great.

Before you make your decision, answer these key questions and you should have a much clearer idea of what you need.