June 10, 2024


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Is it Possible for Teeth Whitening to Work on a Dead Tooth?

Teeth Whitening for Dead Tooth

How to fix a dead tooth

Do you know about dead tooth? Well, it indicates a tooth where root canal or some similar dental treatment is done in an effective way. This allows your tooth to die at the root. It is there in the mouth and you will probably not suffer from other problems with the tooth but it is different from other teeth as it is dead. Though you won’t experience further pain from the tooth, you may find that it begins to turn brownish color in due course. Most people who suffer from a dead tooth will be able to detect it as when all other teeth seem to appear white, this single tooth looks more like a piece of wood. Go through this blog post to know how do you whiten your dead teeth.

How to whiten a dead tooth

Often people think if or not there are other methods for whitening teeth that can whiten a dead tooth effectively. Anyone who has been affected by it will want that specific tooth to match with the remaining teeth in the mouth. Despite how hard you may try not to pay any heed to it, this is the only thing that you will notice even when others won’t. The traditional methods for teeth whitening can be more frustrating as they do not seem to work properly on these kinds of teeth.

The other forms of dental treatment can possibly make the tooth whiten slightly but the color won’t stay for long. The color of your tooth will get back to brown color like before. If you are using certain chemicals that seem to be hard on the teeth, then this may lead to further damage to all other teeth in the process.

What you may possibly do to whiten a dead tooth

For whitening a dead tooth, it is necessary to use a system repeatedly which won’t cause any harm to your remaining teeth. The last thing to do is lead to more problems for yourself. Obviously, you do not want to use harm chemical whiteners for several times in a week.

The system uses blue LED light together with hydrogen peroxide which is possible to use on the teeth without leading to further problems. It is very effective in whitening a dead tooth for some cases. So, you will be able to attain greater success by choosing this method. Even when you do not get dead tooth t the shade of other teeth, you can still improve its appearance without causing further problems to the overall dental health.

Some people like to select a dead tooth capped so that they need not worry about it anymore. If it is not something you want to choose, then the system might be what you actually want. You may use it for at least three to four times in a week without the trouble of what you do with all other teeth. This is enough for making people to give it a try when handling the most complex cases like whitening a dead tooth. You may visit your nearest clinic for teeth whitening in London to whiten your dead teeth and get valuable advice from the dentist.