July 17, 2024


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Inventory management is easier than ever with PDAs

Don’t know how PDAs can help improve inventory management? In this case, I show you in this article how a simple scanning movement with a device the size of a smartphone has enormous advantages.


I can already hear you sigh when you think of the word “inventory”. The word immediately conjures up long lists of paper, hours spent in the store, and frustration when not finding the right product. This is all a thing of the past since PDAs were used. By simply scanning the product and location and entering the actual quantity, it is possible to send this data immediately to Adfinity. But what about an inventory count in a basement without a network? Data transmission is still carried out without problems. As soon as the connection is established, synchronization can be done.


Stock transfer

Here too, the use of PDAs guarantees efficiency and clarity. No manual adjustments need to be made in the program and you know where the products are at all times. Imagine: a lab worker notices that it is better to keep a product in the refrigerator rather than in the basement. The lab technician only has to scan the product, the current location and the new location, and then our system will take care of everything.


Stock entry / exit

Thanks to the user-friendliness of PDAs, it is very easy to enter and exit products from stock. And therefore, it would no longer be necessary to have a permanent employee in charge of permanent inventory management. Now anyone can scan and take away the necessary product with a simple scan motion.


Internal controls

Internal orders can be processed efficiently. The PDA indicates which products have been ordered and can therefore be removed from stock. But what about the use of lot numbers? The PDA always warns when there is still a product in stock with an older lot number. This reduces the risk of forgetting older products in stock and helps fight against product degradation. PDAs therefore not only contribute to efficient inventory management, but also to sustainability.

Finally, PDAs also support efficient inventory management through the Kanban method. In the event of a shortage of stock, the storekeeper can simply submit a replenishment request through his PDA. This makes it easier to maintain stock levels.



You read that right, inventory management has never been easier. In addition to saving time and durability, PDAs ensure high user comfort. They are therefore very pleasant and easy to use. They ensure that stock levels are maintained at all times and that the correct stock data is transmitted.

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