April 23, 2024


Guest Post Out Reach Services

How To Overcome The Limitation Of The Location Barrier And Manage Your Field Workforce More Effectively?

You will agree with the point that for the smooth functioning of a business, a well-structured environment with proper monitoring provisions is needed to ensure the up-to-the-mark productivity and involvement of the workforce. While it is easy to implement that environment for in-house employees, when it comes to the field workforce, things get complicated. Talking of your flooring businesses, keeping a tab on the field activities of a widespread workforce, and working on different projects at different locations in different shifts is not a manually possible job. If anyone is doing it manually, then not just it would be extremely hectic, but also sure to have too many errors and fallouts.

So, is there any way through which you can achieve the desired field visibility and be sure that your field workers are at work on time? Is there any provision that will ensure that the attendance of your field service agents will get marked only when they are present at their assigned job locations? If you can’t instruct each of them manually because of the location barrier, can you automate the process through which the field workers will receive timely reminders, notifications, and updates on what they should be doing?

Flooring software is a comprehensive solution for all your concerns related to field workforce management. Here is a quick draft highlighting the functionalities of flooring software and how it will help you with better field operation management:

  • With the aid of the software, the manager can assign tasks while ensuring that the task gets allocated to the nearest available agent. Based on locations, the software can auto plan the best travel route. And all the schedules and dispatching-related information can be remotely pushed into the agent’s mobile app.
  • Using the flooring estimating software, the manager can track the real-time location of the field agents and also the total time spent at every location. He can remotely view the number of jobs done in a day, the distance traveled, check-in, and check-out time from a job.
  • With the mobile flooring app, work orders can be given by the manager and received by the service agents while on the go. Even job fulfillment status can be updated while on the go.
  • It ensures that network issues won’t hamper the productivity of your service agents. It facilitates offline connectivity and safely stores the data in low-network areas and auto-syncs the data with the cloud once the network is back, ensuring that the data is updated.
  • The software automates the field attendance using the check-in, and check-out feature.
  • In some flooring apps, you can also get multi-lingual support, for the ease and convenience of local agents
  • The software is effective for geo-fencing, wherein the service agents’ attendance-marking can be made restricted to locations, which means they have to be at the desired location to mark their attendance.
  • The software facilitates easy validation of fuel cost reimbursement claims made by service agents, as their complete traveled route (distance covered) for the day, weeks, and even months can be tracked and calculated with accuracy.
  • Flooring software facilitates data-driven performance tracking & analysis.
  • The flooring estimating software helps in making budget and trends estimates through its smart analytics that can generate reports utilizing data collected at different touchpoints.

With all these functionalities, flooring inventory management software makes it extremely easy and convenient to manage the field activities of the field agents. This way, your business can target better performance through the timely completion of services.