July 17, 2024


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How Smoking may affect Invisalign Method

How Smoking may affect Invisalign Method

Are you addicted to smoking? Do you have improperly shaped teeth? Well, Invisalign is a popular treatment for straightening misaligned or crooked teeth so that you can improve your appearance and confidence level. These clear braces are virtually invisible and you may remove them at the time of brushing, flossing, eating and drinking. You will have to wear theclear aligners again post-meal after cleaning teeth thoroughly. But when a smoker performs Invisalign method, it can be a big challenge for the orthodontist.

How to treat a smoker with Invisalign treatment

When you smoke occasionally, the Invisalign treatment will not be very complicated for your case. But for a chain smoker, the provider will think twice before suggesting for Invisalign method.This is because there are chances for the treatment not to be very effective. Whatever might be the case, you may call Smile Works Dental and your orthodontist will be ready to give correct answer for all your queries.

Is it possible to smoke with Invisalign?

No, you shouldnot smoke at that time as the presence of nicotine and other chemicals may cause harm to the structure of invisible braces. It may lead to different dental health problems apart from lessening the effectiveness ofthe treatment.

Effects of smoking when undergoing Invisalign method

As smoking is injurious to health, it may affect Invisalign treatment in the following ways:

1.           Stains on braces –

The benefit of undergoing Invisalign treatment is that you can straighten teeth by wearing invisible aligners. They are not visible to others but smoking may cause stain marks on the braces. Even if you remove the trays before smoking, it will not solve your purpose. The leftover of nicotine and tar from smoking are sufficient to cause discoloration to the trays.

2.           Trapped tobacco and nicotine in the teeth –

It is harmless to remove your Invisalign trays before smoking and wear them again after brushing and flossing. But the leftover of tobacco, nicotine, tar and other harmful chemicals of cigarettes may form havoc in the teeth. The trapped tobacco and nicotine might lead to erosion of the enamel, gum disease, discoloration of your teeth, etc.

3.           Teeth decay –

When you smoke by wearing clear retainers, you may invite the most undesirable side effect.When any tobacco particle gets trapped inside your teeth, it will stay there for an extended time period.At that time, the trapped tobacco layer gets sufficient opportunity to cause tooth decay. You need to treat the problem of tooth decay and then begin with Invisalign method again.

4.           Delayed treatment –

If you are a chained smoker, then you will often have to remove the braces at the time of smoking. This will interfere with the healing process. You need to wear your Invisalign braces for at least 20 to 22 hours in a day which can help to attain the desired result. Due to frequent smoking, you might wear them for less time which may postpone your treatment. You will have to remove the aligners at the time of eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

5.           Poor dental health –

Some tobacco products such as chewing tobacco, cigarettes and cigars may cause harm to your overall oral health. When you smoke often, this can endure the risk of gum disease, teeth decay and oral cancer. If you smoke by wearing your braces, you possess the risk of treatment failure. It will be the best option if you can say no to smoking entirely for your overall well-being. Invisalign can help to overcome this bad habit.

Is it possible to continue smoking with Invisalign method?

You should not smoke at the time of performing Invisalign treatment. This is because it can be harmful for the treatment process and also may damage your teeth. But when you cannot control your desire, you will have to remove the braces while smoking so that you do not hinder the treatment process. Make sure you wear the braces again after you brush, floss eat and drink. The leftover of tobacco in the teeth may be dangerous and you may schedule smoking around the mealtime.

You will have to lessen the number of times you smoke daily. The invisible braces are attached to the teeth for at least 20 to 22 hours and smoking often will create some kind of obstruction in the treatment process. You might suffer from some other problems such as stains on the braces, gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, etc.

The orthodontists will suggest to stop smoking for a few weeks before starting with the treatment. This will make it easy and convenient for you during the procedure. Before performing Invisalign treatment, you need to talk to a provider and ask about the Invisalign cost in London. This way, you will know if the Invisalign treatment fits within your estimated budget.