April 16, 2024


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How do progressive car insurance claims work?

You can get a progressive offer online, by chat, on the phone, or by talking to Flo, The Progressive Girl, on Facebook Messenger. Do you like the idea of ​​having a dedicated insurance agent to help you in the process from listing to claiming? You can do this in this way, but you will not get the same savings that you would buy directly from Progressive car insurance. Before you get an offer, you can use Car Insurance Estimator to get an idea of ​​how much coverage you need.

To make a fair offer

Progressive requires the make, model and year of your car; whether you own or rent; what the car is used for; and how many miles you drive each year. They will also want their name, address, age, marital status, educational status and employment status. Regarding driving experience, they will ask you when you have obtained your driving license and your status; if you have had an accident, violation or complaint in the last five years; and if you have had car insurance continuously for the past three years. Finally, they will ask you if you have any other progressive policies.

How much do you want to pay?

The Progressive Price Tool can help you customize the types and amounts of coverage you want . Tell Progressive how much you want to pay, and the tool shows you the best coverage options to fit your budget.

Don’t like the options offered? You can get more details about each type of coverage and adjust your coverage levels until you are satisfied. You’ll also be shown the recommended coverage levels for each category, a nice feature that helps you avoid covering your key coverage in an effort to save money.

Progressive not only offers you an offer, but also makes it easier to compare car insurance rates, showing you price estimates from other companies.

How do progressive claims work?

As if you were getting a quote from Progressive, it’s easy to make a claim. You can file complaints 24/7 online or by phone or by calling your dedicated agent if you have one. The fastest way to file a complaint is through the Progressive mobile app. Use the photo estimation feature of the app to send photos or videos of the vehicle and damage to get an immediate estimate.

Progressive suggests collecting the following information before submitting your application:

  • Place, date and time of the accident.
  • Name, address, telephone number and insurance policy number for all involved
  • Weather conditions
  • Photo with damaged vehicles
  • Copies of police and / or accident reports, if applicable.

Depending on your request, you can work with an estimator, a damage representative, or both. The damage representative determines who is to blame based on state law and the circumstances of the accident. You can simply choose to receive payment for damages or repair it; if it is the latter, the claims representative will explain how it works and manage the process. You can use any repair shop you want, but if you choose one in the Progressive national network, your repairs are guaranteed as long as you own or rent the vehicle.

Driver-based discounts

Instant Discount

Download the Snapshot mobile app or install the Snapshot plugin in your car, and you’ll get an instant discount if you’re a new progressive customer. The snapshot tracks your driving habits, and the renewal rate will be customized based on how you drive. Progressive claims that Snapshot saves safe drivers an average of $ 145 a year, though they may end up paying more if Progressive thinks your driving is high risk.

Good discount for students

add a student with an average B or better to your policy and get a discount.

Distance student discount

Get a discount if a student according to your policy is a full-time college student who is at least 22 years old and lives more than 100 miles from home.

Discount for homeowners

Even if your home is not covered by the Progressive network, you will get an average 10% discount just for owning one.

Discounts on how to buy and pay

  • Online budget – Get an average discount of 4% to start your online budget, even if you finish it on the phone.
  • Sign online – Just for signing documents online, you can get an average discount of 8.5%.
  • Paperless : In addition to the discount for signing documents online, there are discounts for not using paper.
  • Pay in full – Get a discount if you pay the first six months in a row.
  • Automatic payment – If you prefer to pay monthly, you can still get a discount by setting up automatic payment.


Progressive offers some convenient features and benefits that may interest you.

Loyalty rewards

As a new progressive customer, you are automatically enrolled in the loyalty rewards program and you will earn more benefits the longer you remain insured. Immediately, you will receive a small forgiveness for the accident, which means that you will not be charged for full damages below $ 500, unless they occur repeatedly.

After five years and if you have been injured for at least three consecutive years, you will qualify for forgiveness of major accidents, which means that your rates will not increase if you had a major accident. Progressively it matters just how long you have been insured with a previous company and apply it to your level of loyalty.

Progressive customers can get discounts, offers and coupons on everything from motorcycle accessories, boats and ATVs to cab and vehicle rentals, entertainment, restaurant gift cards and more.

Mobile application

In addition to using the Progressive mobile app to file a complaint, you can also use it to review and edit policy information; buy insurance; pay your premiums; viewing, saving, sharing and storing ID cards; and receive roadside assistance.

With or without the mobile app, Progressive offers a variety of ways to contact customer support or questions, including chat, email, phone, and social media.