April 23, 2024


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How Companies jump into marketing through TikTok?

With the most varied content, brands try to connect with users of the social network. There is no single way, and if we have learned anything from social networks over the years, it is that there is an infallible tandem: we are talking about all the content that has to do with entertainment and learning . 

The most interesting formats to integrate TikTok into a company’s marketing strategy focus on:

  1. Create images, gifs and videos that connect with our audience.
  2. Collaborations with influencers.
  3. Hashtag Challenges (proposing to the community that they upload videos under a hashtag that we have created and, therefore, make it viral).
  4. Creation of own filters or “branded lenses”. 
  5. Promote events.
  6. Reach new audiences, with whom it is more difficult to engage on Facebook or Twitter but who are very active on TikTok.

How to use TikTok for your brand

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There are millions of people on TikTok who love new, exciting, fun, and educational content. And tons of companies are already successfully serving branded content to these users.

The branded content that tends to perform best on TikTok is based on the types of videos that regular users upload: videos that tap into trends and feel authentic.

Following this format, companies like The Washington Post and Chipotle have amassed 842,000 and 1.4 million followers on TikTok, respectively.

TikTok is an exciting new platform, but it’s not right for every business. Here’s how to tell if a TikTok presence might be a good fit for your brand:


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  • You want to connect with a younger target audience
  • Your products or services are suitable for video.
  • You are willing to spend more time and effort learning the platform and creating content on an ongoing basis.
  • Being spontaneous is a good thing for branding (or are you trying to move in that direction!)
  • Use it to spot trends

Your brand doesn’t need to have an active presence on TikTok to take advantage of its popularity. It’s not uncommon to see trends that originate on TikTok gradually make their way to other platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram.

Spend some time exploring the latest topics, hashtags, music/sounds, dances, and memes. You could jump ahead of a viral trend that aligns with your brand identity and mission!

Try influencer marketing

TikTok is full of “nanoinfluencers”: creators with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Nanoinfluencers typically have a very dedicated and highly engaged following. If your product or service fits with a creator’s audience, a partnership might be a smart choice.

TikTok users are interested in fun, original, low-quality content – ​​ads that look too polished and professional will likely be ignored. The benefits of influencer marketing on TikTok is that you can let someone else create authentic content that they know their followers will enjoy.

Create your own content

Perhaps the best part of TikTok is that anyone can go viral organically.

TikTok’s algorithm is more focused on providing users with content that matches their interests, not necessarily the videos created by the accounts they follow. This means your brand can start from scratch and grab attention, even if you don’t have a following yet.

Companies that are successful on TikTok don’t take themselves too seriously. They are willing to be joyful, authentic and imperfect.

Instead of focusing on selling, they share content that is useful, entertaining, or both. They also don’t reuse highly produced videos. It’s best to create original content specifically for the unique environment of TikTok, often on a smartphone!

Native content in the feed

With videos in feed, you can tell your brand story like a TikTok creator by integrating video content into users’ “For You” feed.

Video ads are less than 15 seconds long on the home page (feed For You) and with automatic sound in full screen, much like how Instagram stories are displayed.

Users can click the URL landing page, TikTok page, or app download. The impact the video has is measured by the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, video views, watch duration, and video interactions (such as shares and comments)

Users can participate with likes, comments and shares. They can also follow your own TikTok business account and make videos with your soundtrack.

Brand acquisitions

TikTok brand acquisition immediately grabs the user’s attention with a full-screen static or dynamic display, creating a strong visual impact for your brand.

You can use a static image, GIF, or 3-5 second video. Embedded links can be connected to website landing pages or challenges and hashtags within the platform.

Objective: brand awareness .

Show when users open TikTok

Supports conversion of external and internal landing pages

Purchase Method: Reserve on TikTok Ads

Hashtag Challenge

Build strong brand awareness with a level of engagement that goes far beyond a simple click. Invite your users to engage and create content around the theme of your campaign and the natural tendency of TikTok users to create, share and go viral.

Hashtag challenges or hashtag challenges are an essential part of the TikTok platform and community. At any time, whether you are experienced, you will realize that there are many challenges to participate in at any given time.

The challenges have to do with recreating and iterating the video with some new ideas. With the correct brand hashtag challenge and the TikTok app, the rest is left to the TikTok community.

Objective: brand awareness, increased reach and growth of followers

Promote user interaction

The most important aspect of using TikTok as a successful influencer marketing campaign is user engagement and interaction with your content.

A classic example of user interaction might be challenging other users to join a hashtag challenge (a dance, for example). Or, in the food and hospitality industry, a great example is when a restaurant allows its customers to send their dishes off the menu. Since users want the restaurant to feature their dishes off the menu, they also promote the brand and share the experience with other users.

What content are the top brands generating on TikTok?

The app is not only useful for giants. It is a social network within the reach of any company that, with a touch of creativity, can capture the attention of anyone. How is it achieved?

  • influencers. Also in this social network they are the “kings” of the audience. 
  • Advertising campaigns. Since January 2019, TikTok has been testing personalized ads in the user’s feed and uses static full-screen formats for five seconds. At the moment the tests are being carried out in China or Japan but, as happened in the past with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we have no doubt that it will be extended to the rest of the geographies in the future.
  • Here, too, the dominance of hashtags comes in handy . Challenges that involve the purchase of a product can be launched online.

Data protection, the weak point of TikTok

At first glance, what differentiates TikTok from the rest of its networks is its origin, since most of them are American. The Chinese giant had to pay a fine of 5.7 million dollars for collecting data from children under thirteen years of age and its use is prohibited for the United States Navy for security reasons.

Within the borders of his country of origin, his censorship activity did not go unnoticed either. Those who denounced violations of Human Rights in the Asian country have been silenced by the moderators.

A controversial issue, especially since a large part of its users are minors and the use made of their personal data is questioned.

TikTok, constantly updating its rules of use

As we have mentioned before, since the social network reached its maximum splendor, it has focused on improving its community standards. The goal of these constant changes is to become a more transparent and secure platform .

According to the company, from now on ideologies that incite hatred will be prohibited by curbing the spread of language and symbols of Nazism . Possible harmful content against the Jewish, Muslim and LGTBI community will also be combated. In this same statement they have reported that they will work to eliminate false information.

On the other hand, this social network has been accused of a lack of transparency with its algorithms and techniques to display content or remove it. For this reason, the company has decided to be more “legal” with its users by making the content removal process more transparent .

From now on, when a video is going to be removed for violating TikTok’s policies, the creator will be notified. That is, you will be notified of which policy has been violated and you will be given the opportunity to appeal. The aim of this new action is to ensure that its Community Rules are applied in a “uniform and fair” manner .

What do you think of TikTok ? Leave us your comments and share!

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