June 17, 2024


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Great Bridal Music For Your Wedding This Year!

You chose the Pagalsong project and wondered who would lead you along this path (no, it doesn’t have to be your brother and nephew’s brother!) But what is your wedding song…?

What are you asking about? Do you want a romantic song to admire a guy’s love on the big day (and on the upcoming Mehndi event!)? Is this a brand new song that no one has ever heard? The idea that no one thinks of Bollywood as a cover for a popular English song or wedding song?

What you are looking for you will surely find in this list. We have selected the best wedding songs in Hindi, English and Punjabi, from Pagalworld mp3 beautiful feminine veil to 6 kinds of Pagalsong, and if you are a bride it’s all about dancing. Men. An introduction to the Western style! Seriously, no more lists are needed.

Ideas for the bride introductory song

Religion is the latest version of Yagna Da

1. Din Shanya Da Jaslin Royale (Anushka Sharma wedding straw!)

This is Anushka Sharma’s wedding to Virat Kohli. A non-Alaap version is here.

2.DinShagnaDa (flute version) WeddingNama

3. Din Yagna Da (Wedding Movie Version) by Roona Rizvi

It was the first and last version of Din Shagna Da, created by a wedding video crew.

4. Dinshan Nada on the story of the wedding

This is the original version of the song, not the original!

5. Din Shagna, Akriti Kakar joins Dilbaro and Madhanya

6. The male version of Din ShagnaD by Fiddlecraft

Religion is an alternative to Da

You want the same feeling but with a different song.

7. Gudiya Re Gudiya Ye Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

You can play an episode in 38 seconds and then play a round. It’s a good option if you’re missing the stage.

We present a romantic song in Hindi

For brides who are ready to express their true feelings in front of the crowd!

8. “Chal Le Chal” by Debanga Chopra

Another song released by the wedding video is sung by Devangi Angel. Enter the sound of cello and guitar <3

9. NachdiPhira Jasmine Royale (ShutterDown version)

If you’re looking for a Bollywood wedding song and love the Jaslin Royale sound, this cover art by Shutter Down’s wedding photography team is perfect. The song was originally sung by Megner Mishra on Bollywood’s “Secret Superstar”.

10. Samyan Humpty has left Sharma

A song from the Bollywood movie. It’s great to have an actress behind you besides a singer.

11. Tujhko Joe Paaya Kruk (screenplay writer Jonit Gandhi)

This cover gets our attention every time we hear it! Such a wonderful dark introductory song – why didn’t anyone use it? !!

12. Sanam Re (Women’s cover by Shirley Satya)
13. Rabuta of the agent Vinoda

It’s a popular dance number for couples, but the female version of the song is an interesting version of wedding songs! A good option if you want to dance at the entrance.

14. Teresanyara (female version of Hirabat)

If you are looking for a fast-paced romantic song.

Romantic English song for the bride!

If you want to sing an English song, do it!

15. Wonderfully by Ed Sheeran (Emma Hesters and KHS Women’s Cover)

This is especially true for high school and university lovers. Ed Sheeran’s first song is known all over the world, but this feminine cover version is perfect for today’s brides. Nook, another cover on the Internet, is no better for you to come to your Indian wedding. We’ve heard them all, so we know!

16. From then on, Shania Twain

Old gentlemen but Goldie, this’ 90s song is so romantic. Be careful not to shed happy tears when you are a housewife.

17.1000 Years by Christina Perry

A romantic song that combines English and Hindi

Hope I can express my love in both languages.

18. Arjiyan. Debangy Chopra

Classic wedding song created by Wedding Story to celebrate the wedding of cameraman Divyanka Tripati and Vivek Dahya. If you love classical music, this is definitely the right choice for you!

Do you like songs, but do you think you should add more? Do you have any favorites from our list? We love listening to our brides! Let us know in the comments section below.

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