June 9, 2024


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Fix Netgear Extender Red Light Issue Instantly

Are you facing any issue with your Netgear WiFi extender as it keeps flashing red lights? Then, this is the right place for you to get the issue fixed instantly. Here, we will reveal some troubleshooting hacks to help you resolve the Netgear extender red light issue.

Possible Reasons for Red Light Issue

  • Netgear extender not in range
  • Unstable power supply
  • Lost internet connection
  • Overcrowded network
  • WiFi interference
  • Outdated Netgear firmware
  • Incomplete Netgear router setup

These are the factors contributing to the Netgear extender red light issue. Let’s go a little deeper and learn how to resolve it.

Possible Solutions

Reboot Your Netgear Extender

Sometimes, you can fix minor issues by just rebooting your Netgear extender. To reboot, you are required to disconnect all your WiFi-enabled devices from the Netgear extender and then turn it off by disconnecting it from the power source. Wait for some time and re-connect it to the power source and turn it on. Then, connect your WiFi-enabled devices to the extender via Netgear_ext SSID and see if the issue has been resolved or not. If not, then read further.

Relocate Your WiFi Extender

Position your Netgear WiFi extender at an ideal location that is within the range of the Netgear router. Sometimes, objects like refrigerators, microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers can disturb your extender’s WiFi signals as they use radio signals for transmission. So, avoid placing your extender close to these kinds of objects to minimize signal interference.

Check Power Supply

Make sure that your Netgear extender is getting adequate power from the power source. Sometimes, broken or damaged AC cables can cause a power outage. So, change it, else you will not able to fix the issue. Moreover, you are required to check the power socket as well. If you find any damage or short-circuited in the power socket then, try to plug in your WiFi extender to another socket.

Check Internet Connection

Always check if your WiFi-enabled device is receiving a proper internet connection. Sometimes, in a wired connection, you are not able to get a proper internet connection due to the damaged or loose Ethernet cable connection. So, swap the cable if you find any damage to the Ethernet cable. And make sure that your WiFi-enable device is a tightly connected network device to avoid loss of connection.

If you are using a wireless connection, then make sure that your WiFi extender is within the range of your Netgear router. If everything is perfect, then we suggest you run a speed test on another WiFi-enabled device to see whether the issue occurring at our end or the ISP.

Reset Netgear WiFi Extender

If none of the above-mentioned methods were able to help you to fix the Netgear extender red light issue then, it’s recommended to reset your WiFi extender to its default factory settings and reconfigure it.

Important Note: Always note down the customized settings you have made for your WiFi extender. As it will be deleted once your WiFi extender is restored to default factory settings,

  • Look for the reset button located on your Netgear WiFi extender.
  • Once located, press and hold the reset button till the LEDs start blinking.
  • Now, your WiFi extender will restart automatically and be restored to the default factory settings.
  • Now, reconfigure your Netgear WiFi extender using the default IP address i.e.

Troubleshooting the Netgear WiFi extender red light issue is not a tough job. Even so, many users find it a bit tricky to do so and get stuck with an issue. If you don’t want to face any issues while resolving Netgear extender red light issue, consider these aforementioned troubleshooting methods. You might find them useful.