April 23, 2024


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Find your Visa card



The Visa Classic credit card lets you make payments in 200 countries and regions around the world, access 38 million points of acceptance, and withdraw cash at 2 million ATMs. The Visa Classic card will often be granted to you without an additional annual fee when you open a current account. Contact your bank for the precise conditions of granting.



The Visa Gold card offers you even more freedom and flexibility for your daily expenses, in particular thanks to a higher limit of use. The Visa Gold card also often includes additional services, in particular insurance covering your travels abroad, your luggage, or legal protection on the Internet. You may also have discounts and preferential programs with certain merchants. Contact your bank to know the precise conditions of granting.



The Visa Platinum card is reserved for customers with above-average spending. It offers many practical advantages, specially adapted to their needs. People who travel frequently can, for example, pay in foreign currencies and free of charge when they are abroad. Depending on the card-issuing bank, benefits may include certain bonus and discount programs or certain insurance benefits, such as “trip cancellation” or “legal protection”, “liability” or “all risks” insurance in the event of vehicle rental.



Visa Infinite is the most exclusive form of a Visa card and it can only be obtained by invitation. It includes, in particular, extensive travel insurance covering the cardholder and his family, personal concierge service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, access to the airport lounge area as well as to events and exclusive events, not to mention privileged access to a large number of the most prestigious hotels in the world, as part of the “Visa Luxury Hotel Collection”.



If you have a small or medium-sized business, the Visa Business card will allow you to separate your expenses and your business and private lines of credit, while benefiting from an additional cash margin and various possibilities for financing your business. The Visa Business card also guarantees you cash withdrawals worldwide, always transparent statements, the absence of transaction costs, and a significant simplification of your accounting and your administrative tasks.



The Visa Corporate card allows large companies to save money by reducing their internal work procedures. Security and cost control are superior to those of cash transactions, intermediary financing needs are reduced and your corporate design travels with your card. The other benefits associated with this Visa Corporate card depend on the issuing bank and may, for example, cover insurance benefits.

Debit or Credit?


The debit card is also often referred to as a bank card. It allows you to directly dispose of the money in a current account, and in particular to withdraw money from cash dispensers or to pay for your purchases in stores. The allocation to the current account is immediate or takes place after a few days. The debit card is therefore an alternative to a cash payment from your current account. The statement offered by the card also allows you to constantly monitor your expenses and keep control of them at all times.

Deferred debit

An amount paid using a deferred debit card will not be debited directly from your current account. The balance of your credit card accumulated during a whole month will in fact only be deducted at the end of the month, in the form of a global amount. So you can somehow borrow money, up to a predefined credit limit. Generally, no interest is due for this credit, which is often limited to 4 weeks. Deferred debit cards are the most widely used form of credit card in Belgium.


Partial payment

With credit cards that have a partial payment feature, you can, if you wish, convert your monthly credit card statement into an installment payment. Visa’s partial payment feature also prepares you for short-term acquisitions – whether it’s an emergency or an exciting opportunity you absolutely don’t want to miss. The partial payment Visa card combines the simplicity and convenience of card payment with the advantages of flexible credit. You can then pay the amount due in a perfectly individualized way, in several installments.


The Visa Prepaid card is a payment card operating on the basis of the available balance. This means that before you can pay with your Visa Prepaid card, it must be topped up. You will therefore only be able to spend with the Visa Prepaid card the money that you have previously paid. This will keep you in full control of your finances. When your balance is depleted, simply reload the card. Anyone can in principle obtain a Visa Prepaid Card, the minimum age limit being set at 12 years.