May 28, 2024


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Everything You Need To Know About Tulips

Everything You Need To Know About Tulips

Tulips have a long and fascinating history. Tulips, which had been grown for years in Turkish gardens, were introduced to Europe in the mid-16th century. Tulips were imported to the Netherlands from Turkey in 1853. There was a mania in which tulips were more expensive than gold and exchanged with frenzy. 

Different types of tulips

After all, it’s not strange that tulips, with their deep-dyed colors and glossy sheen, have surpassed gold in value. Nonetheless, tulips in the early 17th century were simple, unsophisticated blooms compared to the various hybrids that emerged. The tulip federation has registered about 3,000 tulip varieties, yet only approximately 100 are frequently grown for today’s commercial market. Order flowers online as many of those sold as cut flowers were grown in Holland or from bulbs grown there.  

Classic Dutch Tulips

Have you ever wondered how the world fell in love with these beautiful flowers? The solution, of course, is Dutch Tulips. These tall, statuesque blossoms were cultivated for highly symmetrical form in an exquisite range of colors, swiftly becoming the springtime symbol. Dutch Tulips have been famous in art, beauty, and fashion since the mid-1600s. They grew so popular that many people were unaware that other sorts existed.

Darwin hybrids

Darwin Hybrid Tulips have long-lasting blossoms on robust stems that are ideal for cutting, and their vibrant colors stand out brilliantly in the landscape. Darwin Hybrids are among the greatest perennial Tulips since they typically perform well for several years. They bloom around the middle of the season, along with all but the earliest Daffodils, and they are very hardy.

Parrot Tupis

Parrot tulips, as the name suggests, are recognized for their brilliant colors and feathery or ruffled petals suggestive of a tropical parrot. Their enormous cup-shaped flowers come in various colors, including red, pink, orange, yellow, purple, green, and white.

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