May 28, 2024


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Does The Dental Implant Procedure Hurt? Let’s Find Out

Are you suffering from a missing tooth? Is the gap in the tooth making it difficult to not smile brightly in the open? Gone are the days when missing teeth was a lifelong concern. Instead, today people are engaging in tooth implants to get rid of their insecurities. When we smile, what is seen from the outset is our teeth and gums. When you do not have a tooth in the gum, it is sure to appear striking and odd. One of the newest ways of catering to a tooth gap is dental implants.

These dental implants are not just ideal for the missing tooth, but can also suffice for a broken tooth or a crooked tooth. However, many people believe that a dental implant is similar to a denture or dental bridge. Well, they may look almost similar, but there are some differences between them. The major difference between a dental implant and a denture is the procedure that is followed to fix them.

Whenever people plan to get a dental implant, the first question that they generally come up with is – Does the dental implant procedure hurt? First, pain being a subjective term, it is truly difficult to assess the level of pain as it will differ from one person to another. Secondly, the way the surgery is conducted ensures whether you will be in extreme pain or get recovered soon. Therefore, it is always suggested to get a dental implant surgery from a reputed clinic in Turkey. Besides, the tooth implant cost in Turkey is comparatively moderate than in other places.

Process of dental implant surgery

To understand whether dental implant surgery is a painful process, it is essential to learn about the surgical process. In most cases, surgeons prefer doing dental implant surgeries on people who have lost a tooth. However, some people come to get a dental implant done even when they have a crooked tooth. In that case, the remaining portion of the tooth is removed. Then, the affected region is made ready for surgery with the help of a bone graft.

The purpose of a bone graft is to ensure that a new bone is produced in that region. Another reason for which a surgeon suggests getting a bone graft done before dental implant surgery is to strengthen the jawbone on which the dental implant will be placed. This also helps to fix and integrate the implant into the bone properly.

Now comes the dental implant surgery that a patient has to go through to cover his gum gap. In the first step, the dental surgeon drills and creates a hole in the jawbone where they can fix the dental implant. Then, the surgeon places a metal post on this hole which later acts as an artificial tooth. Now, it is necessary to give enough time to this metal post for adequate osseointegration. In layman’s language, this metal post needs enough time to help and allow this bone to develop and grow through the artificial tooth.

Indeed, this process of osseointegration takes a few months to get recovered, however, the healthier and more stable the dental implant is, the less time will it take. Unless and until the osseointegration is completed processed and cured, the abutment cannot be placed on top of the crown. Here, the abutment is the portion that is attached to the dental crown.

For all people, the attachment of the abutment is not the same as the position and formation of gum vary from one person to another. To make the abutment get fixed in the gum, often surgeons have to conduct a minor surgery. However, for this surgery, you may have to undergo some pain, swelling, and bleeding. The pain that you experience while the surgeon is placing is abutment is much less than the pain you have to go through while the surgeon is putting the metal post.

Level of pain

Now, let’s discuss the pain that a dental implant patient has to undergo in general. First things first, when you have a dental implant, the discomfort and pain are caused both in the gums as well as in the jaws. While the surgical process is going on, you will not feel or experience any pain as your mouth will be anesthetized. With the wearing of the numbness, the patients will gradually start feeling the pain little by little.

To help the patients manage this pain, many dental professionals and surgeons prescribe some pain medications. However, this pain differs from person to person. People who experience mild to moderate pain can tackle this pain with some over-the-counter pain medications. Naturally, the pain of multiple implants will be ten times more than that of a single implant. After the procedure, the pain will persist at least for the next ten days. However, if your wound gets cured soon, eventually the pain will vanish soon.

If the discomfort remains even after these ten days and gets worse with each passing day, know that it is time to head to a doctor. When you have the pain for a prolonged period of time, it means that there can be a possibility of infection in the affected region. As soon as the dental professional detects the infection and its root cause, he will take care of it effectively and provide the necessary medicines to allow the area to get healed soon.


Therefore, if you have to get a dental implant, you have to learn to bear with some pain. Although the pain may vary from person to person, the process cannot be called entirely painless. However, do not get discouraged by the temporary discomfort and pain that the dental implant might cause you. instead, think of the brighter side of the dental implant. The reason for which you had been shying away from the public for so long will come to an end.

Make sure to get a dental implant surgery from Turkey as it is affordable and provides the best quality services. Also, the dentists of Turkey offer an online booking system and provide a host of amenities that you will barely find in other parts of the country.