April 23, 2024


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Cybershinu introduces a New Coin to the NFT Metaverse

Because of its fair presale launch at a predetermined token price, Cybershinu has completely changed how the NFT metaverse works for everyday investors. Tokens can be purchased and profits can be shared through crowdfunding, which is a win-win situation for everyone. For investors, the price of a Cybershinu token is known up front, as opposed to other projects where the value of a token may change during the crowd sale. Since Cybershinu already has mechanisms in place to manage supply at launch, members of the community will never fall behind.

The Problem:

Investors from all walks of life are pouring billions of dollars into Cryptocurrency every year, and it’s obvious why. The future markets are expected to be very busy.

It’s hard to tell when the right time is for investors. Investors have lost millions of dollars due to poor timing over the past few years. Market declines and bear markets are good times to get into the money markets. A stock decline or a dip by a whale before a 20x breakout is beneficial in cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that even the best of traders are susceptible to it. Everyone is at the mercy of the hedge funds/whales who got in at an unknown token price and are unable to predict what will happen.

How Cybershinu solves the problem in the NFT metaverse:

Cybershinu was founded by Nella G and Roman Sorin and offers a fixed, FAIR pre-sale price that has been approved by the developers. Pre-sale token holders would not exist prior to the pre-sale, ensuring equal treatment for all participants. This means that investors can rest easy knowing that there is no danger of a market crash. Instead, the early investor gains unrestricted growth potential with a lower risk of price drops, ensuring a price rise following the pre-sale. Following the presale, which runs from February 21 to March 7th, there is a “Superfair” period during which whales and other wealthy investors who want to buy will have to pay more than those who bought during the presale.

The reason for creating a dog-themed coin:

The primary goal of Cybershinu is not only to make investing easier for the average person, but also to benefit animals. Because of the wonderful animals who have supported them throughout its journey, Cybershinu wants to give back in some way. The project will be donating approximately 80% of its net profits to animal welfare organizations all over the world. The objective of Cybershinu is to build a shelter it can be proud of.

Creating a company in which everyone has a stake is the sole goal of Cybershinu’s founders. To achieve this goal, Cybershinu plans to implement their Tokenomics into the NFT metaverse.