June 9, 2024


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Cost of Full Dental Implants in the UK

Dental Implant Cost

We have answered lots of questions on certain treatments. But when it comes to dental implants a question is common! What the average cost of full mouth dental implants is! Well, let this blog say the answer. Go through it and find it out.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are the tooth root replacement come into use when any tooth lost or extracted. It is able to hold on the new artificial tooth and crown.  Full dental implants become essential when full mouth is possible to retain using 4 fixed implants.

Sometimes denture is possible to retain using 2 dental implants too. A dental implant is not visible! It is always under the gum into bone density. Only you can notice bridge, crown and on-top denture.

Advantages of using dental implants

You can use it for replacing a few teeth

By replacing some teeth, it supports them from either gappy side. As a result, there is no chance of adjacent and opposing teeth to over erupt, tipping and drifting into the space. It provides optimal support to the underneath bone density, preventing further occurrences of resorption. Therefore, there is less chance of tooth loss.

You can use it for replacing full teeth arc set

Removable denture is the only option for full teeth set replacement. Although it seems natural people don’t like the idea to pull out the teeth at night. Sometimes it can become loose, making it difficult to consume chewy foods. On the other hand, the dental implant holds on fixed bridge making the eating comfortable and easier than ever. Even there is no risk of loosening out as well.

Reasons for expensiveness of dental implants

Dental implants cost comprises of some individual components:

  • Surgical team
  • Restorative team
  • Implant components
  • Restoration of implant’s top surface
  • Aftercare solution

We discuss each component here so that you can understand the cost incur for the treatment.

Surgical team cost

The cost of surgical team further depends on

  • Surgical facility
  • Support staffs
  • Extended training; sometimes dentists carrying out the process have Master Degrees in Periodontics. But it is not the case always.

Restorative team cost

Restorative team can or can’t similar to that of the surgical team. Certain dental clinics, call the dental specialist to carry out the dental implant procedure. Then they add extra cost for the facility as it requires fine instruments like screwdrivers, wrenches and mini torque. Highest tolerance is there in all these instruments manufactured.

Component of implant cost

This is the space where the patients tempt to lessen the cost of the treatment. So, they opt for cheap components to carry out the procedure. Many clinics mimic the recognisable design for the success of the treatment. In fact, they often copy an implant system from reputed brands too.

Due to cheap manufacturing they don’t possess same tolerances. As a result, the screw can loosen any time failling the implant. Sometimes, it fails on its own! Precision is very important in this aspect.

Dental implant components consist of the below:

  • Dental implant- This part will infuse bone and integrate into the jaw
  • A trans-mucosal element- It sits on dental implant top poking through the gum. This part is called a design element of the implant.
  • The screw- It joins the mucosal element to the implant. Although it looks tiny yet it develops from soft gold alloy. If any discrepancy notices then screw broke down many times. It is the most affordable option and easy replacement is available. The weak link is better to have as it enables the implants to address any problem
  • The restoration- It is the final touch and can incur additional charges from the patients. A high skillful team of dental technicians manufactures it. Sometimes restoration cost can become several thousand pounds due to several individual components. However, in the end it is all about quality of lab assists in restoring the teeth using implants.

The cost of full dental implants

Dental clinics never break the cost of the components and so you can have the following expectation:

  1. Free initial consultation
  2. Initial assessment starts from £65. During the consultation basic solution plan will provide to the patients with further information on expenditure.
  3. Specialist consultation will charge £175 but they will provide precise and detailed information regarding the implants number required. The surgical process will 3D scans helps you to understand everything in an explicit manner.
  4. Connector of implant and crown range starts from £1950 each tooth. It is the cost of single teeth. Multiple tooth replacement will certainly cost more.

Sometimes you need extra surgeries like sinus lift or bone grafting. It will increase the cost of the treatment in the end!

  • Replacement of full teeth set with dental implants and denture can cost around £4800 along with denture cost. The necessity of additional process like sinus lifts and grafting is not reviewed during the initial consultation.
  • Replacement of full teeth set with fixed dental bridge will cost £7800 and £10,260 to 12 teeth. Approx the total cost will end somewhere in-between £18,060.

Numerous dental clinics have flexible and multiple finance options including 0% interest. As a result, you can seek the treatment much affordable rates. Book a consultation for full mouth dental implants to know about the original cost with the dentist at your nearby clinic.